Lifeguard Recruitment:CLOSED


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a lawful permanent United States citizen
  • Must have a valid driver's license
  • Must be physically and mentally fit
  • Must have a clean criminal record (No felonies or serious misdemeanours registered)
  • Speak English fluently. Additional language proficiency is welcome
  • Must be a strong swimmer.
  • Must qualify for and receive the Basic Life Support qualification, and pass the initial fitness assessment test.
  • Must be a team player and able to communicate effectively with others, especially in dangerous or stressful situations.
  • Strong desire to engage with the community.
  • Willing to learn, adapt and cooperate.
  • Must not have an application up for another government department, agency or institution at the same time
  • Must have not been denied from the LSFD in any capacity within the last month
  • ((You are required to have an accumulation of at least 20 hours or more of in-game/server time accrued on your account.))


Recruitment Process

Stage One: Preliminary Background Application
After you have submitted your application, Training & Recruitment personnel will then receive your application and forward it for review. This process may last between 24-72 hours before you receive a response. If something is not in order, we will let you know and mark it with the "PENDING" status. 

This will give you a chance to correct the mistakes, but keep in mind that a third chance might not be given. If everything has been corrected, you will receive a response from our T&R team with the ultimate outcome. If you pass, you will move on to the next stage.

Stage Two: Interview
After passing the application, you will be asked to attend an interview with Training and Recruitment personnel. We will request you to list your availability to schedule an interview with us. When your application handler's availability matches yours he/she will plan an interview with you, you will be notified by a reply on your application.

During the interview, you will be asked several questions related to the department, your personal life and other topics. The interview may last up to an hour. The results of your interview will be submitted to you within 72 hours of concluding your interview.

Stage Three: Academy
After passing the second stage of recruitment, you will be sent to the Los Santos Lifeguard Academy. During this period, you will acquire the necessary skills and training required to become a full member of our department. This includes but not limited to; Tryouts, 12 weeks of EMT-B training and certification and Water Rescue Training.  

(( The EMT-B training will be a Field Training Program hosted in game by Training and Recruitment Staff. During this Academy phase, you shall get a invitation to the faction under Ocean Lifeguard Candidate )) 


Personal Information

If apartment include room and floor number


Employment History

General Information

Terms & Conditions

By submitting this application, I, the applicant, hereby certify that all questions contained in this document were met with truthful statements. I fully authorize the investigation of any content shared on this document. I am aware that lying, omitting, plagiarizing, or maliciously adulterating this application will result in immediate denial and an indefinite ban from future recruitment drives. In the event of employment, it is further acknowledged that I may not exercise any medical practices or techniques that were not taught in academic sessions, for it would be a practice of illegitimate medical practice if it is legally proven that I have done so, I agree and understand that it may be used against me, as well as face dishonorable discharge and possible criminal charges.

(( OOC Information ))

Follow the instructions here to learn how to copy your user id
Only fill this out if you wish to receive updates through discord
You are required to be in the LSFD Discord, updates will be provided in #lsfd-app-updates
You can get a full screenshot of your admin record on the UCP - EXAMPLE
You can generate a link to your stats on your UCP Character Profile - EXAMPLE
The LSFD only requires notification of Double Faction Permissions. Please attach screenshot(s) of your factions approvals

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