Welcome to the Air Operations Section Page! You'll find out what Air Operations Section (AIROPS) is about and its command team. The Air Operations Section is commanded by Section Chief Dexter Marshall, he's assisted by Lifeguard Captain Michelle Marshall.

The LSFD Air Operations Section is responsible for deploying air units to Search and Rescue missions, Fire & Rescue calls, and emergency medical incidents in order to minimize response time and the Fire Department's ability to rescue victims due in special circumstances. In order for an employee to become a pilot and receive a Pilot's License, they must undergo training from an SAAA certified flight school. This Section maintains a strict set of guidelines for recruitment, as well as strict procedures for existing members, to ensure smooth day-to-day operations once a pilot passes their flight school and completes their internal training.


A Buckingham Valkyrie (FIRE 4) hoisting a Helitac down onto the ground for operations.


The Air Operations Section presently operates a fleet of seven helicopters, comprised out of one heavy, four medium, and two light helicopters. Air Operations presently operates out of Fire Station Six at Los Santos International Airport. This is their primary base of operations. Additionally Air Operations operates out of Hangar A-1 at Fort Zancudo for County Operations and County personnel.

The image above shows a Buckingham Valkyrie, the primary workhorse of the Los Santos Fire Department. The Valkyrie, powered by a Coupled Turboshaft engine produced by Pratt & Whitney Canada, producing a take-off power of 1800 horsepower. Is the go-to helicopter for Air Operations. Capable of transporting up to four patients at any given time, with a 4-crew member (incl. pilots) capacity on top, this helicopter is the go-to workhorse. Also used during major wildfires or structure fires, due to it's tank on the belly, capable of holding up to 360 US Gallons (1,362 LITRES) of water on board, with a foam capability for special fires.


Additionally, Air Operations operates a Western Company Cargobob, also dubbed Helitanker. This aircraft is specifically designed for Firefighting operations, being capable of carrying up to 3000 US Gallons (11,356 LITRES) at any given time. This helicopter is also used for sling-load operations moving apparatus into difficult to reach areas, as well as providing transport for personnel needing to quickly be transported to a wildland fire incident.


Lastly, Air Operations operates two Buckingham Mavericks out of Fire Station Six. These helicopters, powered by a turboshaft engine manufactured by Turbomeca with an output of 680 horsepower.. Are used primarily for MEDEVAC and Search and Rescue operations. Providing a lighter and more nimble alternative to the Buckingham Valkyrie, these helicopters are only capable of transporting one patient in addition to accommodating up to three crew members (incl. pilots.)


Prospective Air Operations Pilots are put through the State Flight School under the San Andreas Aviation Authority. This is to obtain their pilot's license for helicopters. After which they return to the LSFD for internal training, being put through various scenarios and being taught the on-board controls of LSFD helicopters. This ensures that, by the time a pilot reaches the fully-fledged rank of Pilot II, they are fully capable of handling any situation they may encounter, in a variety of weather and flight conditions. Helitacs are trained internally by designated senior Helitacs within the section. Trained to handle hoist operations in most conditions and ensuring they have the capability of working in a confined space. This ensures that the citizens of Los Santos can be provided the best possible assistance in remote areas where ground crew struggle to reach the patient.

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