[INFO] Reinstatement Policies

Section for Transfering or Returning Firefighters
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[INFO] Reinstatement Policies

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As a previous member of the Los Santos Fire Department, you are required to provide the following. Failure to do so can result in your immediate denial or being banned from reinstating or transferring. The Command and High Command Staff at any time can deny any reinstatement if they believe the application does not meet the standards of the Los Santos Fire Department. For further inquiry, please direct questions to the LSFD Chief Officers.

Criteria for submitting a Reinstatement
  • Reinstatements can only be posted up to 24 months after the resignation.
  • Members who have not completed their Probationary Phase prior to their resignation, are not eligible for a Reinstatement request.
  • Please refrain from writing a one sentenced answer, we will be denying any requests that showcase any lack of effort.
  • Command and High Command will review the requests on a case by case basis, any requirements after being accepted will be informed to the reinstating member.
  • It is up to Command and High Command what rank the reinstating member will be offered. A series of different factors will be considered before the final offer: Old rank, Disciplinary record, amount of time passed since the member's last tenure.
[+] Reinstatement Form

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[u][b][legend=darkred, Reinstatement Application][color=#FFFFFF][/color][/b][/u]
[divbox=darkred][color=#FFFFFF][size=125]Section I - Personal Information[/size][/color][/divbox]
[b]1.1 First Name:[/b] Answer

[b]1.2 Last Name:[/b] Answer

[b]1.3 Birthdate:[/b] DD/MMM/YYY

[b]1.4 Gender:[/b] Male / Female 

[b]1.5 Phone Number:[/b] Answer

[b]1.6 Address of Residency:[/b] Answer
[divbox=darkred][color=#FFFFFF][size=125]Section II - Employment History[/size][/color][/divbox]
[b]2.1 Former Rank: [/b] Answer

[b]2.2 Date inducted:[/b] DD/MMM/YYY

[b]2.3 Date of Resignation/Termination: [/b] DD/MMM/YYY

[b]2.4 Reason:[/b] Resignation/Termination

[b]2.5 Desired Rank:[/b] Answer

[divbox=darkred][color=#FFFFFF][size=125]Section III- Employment Information[/size][/color][/divbox]
[b]3.1 Why should Los Santos Fire Department accept your reinstatement ?:[/b]

[b]3.2 Why do you wish to rejoin the Fire Department?:[/b]

[b]3.3 What have you been doing since your discharge from the department?:[/b]

[divbox=darkred][color=#FFFFFF][size=125] Section IV - Declaration & Statement [/size][/color][/divbox]

[quote][i]By submitting this request, I, Name Name, hereby certify that all questions contained in this document were met with truthful statements. I fully authorize investigation of any content shared on this document. I am aware that lying, omitting, plagiarizing or maliciously adulterating this application will result in immediate denial and indefinite ban from future recruitment drives. I hereby declare that I understand that the Los Santos Fire Department's acting Chief officer may discharge me at will with or without cause and that I may resign from the department at any time. I acknowledge that I must participate in an academy or private training session and pass a written exam before practicing any medical practices. In the event of employment, it is further acknowledged that I may not exercise any medical practices or techniques that were not taught in academical sessions, for it would be practice of illegitimate medical practice, if it is legally proven that I have done such I agree and understand that it may be used against and face dishonorable discharges plus criminal charges.[/i]

[b]Date:[/b] DD/MMM/YYYY
[b]SIGNATURE:[/b] SignHere [/quote]

[divbox=darkred][color=#FFFFFF][size=125] Section V - OOC Information[/size][/color][/divbox]
[b]5.1 Please provide an IC background story for your character (200 words minimum): [/b] (Only to be written if this request is OOC)
[b] 5.2 Post an unedited screenshot of your administrative record for your account :[/b] [URL=LINKHERE] Access[/url] 


[b]5.4.1 Are you currently in any other factions on any other characters?:[/b] Answer
[b]5.4.2 If so, Please link proof of approved double faction permissions:[/b] [URL=LINKHERE] Access[/url] 

[b] 5.5 Please provide the reasons that lead you to resign from the faction initially.[/b]