A Gift from the LSPD

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A Gift from the LSPD

Post by Patrycja Lipska » 22 Dec 2021, 05:27

A Gift from the LSPD


Dear Members,

For those of you that missed the Christmas gettogether on Sunday, I just wanted to share one last piece of the story which will hopefully fill everyone with a sense of pride and feel good feelings about your work as the year wraps up. To my surprise, Sergeant Christine Harris in addition to her very kind letter of commendation and wonderful speech, went the extra mile to give the Department a gift:

SGT Christine Harris: Firstly I'd like to say what a privilege it is to be invited here tonight and to speak on this occasion. When I was first asked to come up and say a few words, I wasn't quite sure what I might say. However, looking across this room tonight I feel inspired and reminded of the reasons we're all here. The selfless devotion and dedication to public duty that every man and woman here shows every day we put on the uniform, serving our communities.

As a Sworn Officer in the Los Santos Police Department, I'm reminded of our motto. "To Protect and to Serve". In protecting our communities, we all selflessly run towards the danger, not away from it. In serving our communities, we each dedicate ourselves to serving the people of our great city of Los Santos and the State of San Andreas with pride and devotion in equal measure. As I reflect on what those words mean, I'm reminded of the heroism and the brave actions the crews and personnel of the Los Santos Fire Department and all those in attendance undertook on the night of the Fourteenth. Always running towards the danger, never faltering or retreating from it. Standing defiant against the blistering heat until the danger was subdued. Never giving up and never backing down. In recognition of the heroism displayed that night..

Chief Lipska, Captain Reinhart. On behalf of the Chief of Police and the Los Santos Police Department, I'd like to present this small token of our appreciation to the men and women of the Los Santos Fire Department. For their continued service, dedication and commitment to public duty, as exemplified by the actions of the crews and personnel that fought to combat the structure fire at the Davis Mortuary on the Fourteenth of December, twenty twenty-one:

The polished wooden plaque in Christine's hands would hold at it's center a large Los Santos Police Department crest with the words "Los Santos Police Department - To Protect and to Serve" wrapped around it. A polished brass plate underneath would display the engraved words "Presented to The Los Santos Fire Department in recognition of their continued service, support and friendship –Los Santos Police Department - 19th December 2021"

2021 has had its challenges, in which at times our relationship with members of other departments, divisions and stations got tested. However, I was again tonight reminded of why working at the LSFD is so immensely rewarding on the Strawberry Avenue gas station fire, watching departments, divisions and stations put aside differences to come to work together, everyone playing their piece. It is an incredible thing to witness every time and look forward to continuing service with each of you in 2022.

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