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Post by Emilia Jenkins » 18 May 2022, 14:39

18th of May, 2022
LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins
Welcome to the first instalment of Station Showcase, the new weekly series about the Fire Stations the Los Santos Fire Department operate across Los Santos, from Paleto Bay to Los Santos International. The Department's Public Relations Division will cover each station to explain the main purpose behind them, history and cool facts. Without further ado, welcome to Station Seven located in El Burro Heights, the home of the Emergency Medical Services!

Station Seven is one of the oldest Fire Stations the Department currently operates out of, it was built in 1985 at the request of the Fire Chief to have a Fire Station closer to the industrial park located in East Los Santos due to the recent high profile commercial structure fires in the area, the station has gone under various changes to the property, namely a modernisation project launched in 2002 and 2022 respectively.

Station Seven is watched over by Battalion One under the command of Battalion Chief's Kurt Holland and Nolan Medrano, they both cover the A shift (9:00 - 21:00) and B shift (21:00 - 09:00) respectively. Station Seven currently operates a total of 13 vehicles out of the station, namely:
  • 5x Rescue Ambulances
  • 3x Divisional Vehicles
  • 1x Fire Engine
  • 1x Fire Truck
  • 1x Brush Patrol
  • 1x EMS Supervisor Vehicle
  • 1x Battalion Chief Vehicle

This Station houses the Emergency Medical Services, Training and Recruitment and Tactical Emergency Medical Services Divisions. You may wonder why we refer to Station Seven as the Home of Emergency Medical Services, well that's fairly simple, Station Seven has predominantly been a EMS station for 25 years with the majority of our Rescues stationed out of it, it's by far one of the largest stations we operate with a key focus on Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support care along with responding to Fire and Rescue incidents that may occur across the state.
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