[30/02/2021] A Lifeguards First Shift

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[30/02/2021] A Lifeguards First Shift

Post by Alex Jorgensen » 16 Feb 2021, 17:49

⠀⠀PRESS RELEASE - Lifeguards First Shift⠀⠀

⠀⠀ A Lifeguards First Shift

Written by: Alex Jorgensen
Published: 16/02/2021

For years, I had been on the frontline as a Firefighter and for a short while, behind the desk investigating arsons with the State Fire Marshals. Never once thinking of a career based around the beach. Until my departure from the State Fire Marshals and my enrollment in the Los Santos County Lifeguards of Vespucci Beach.

My first shift started off wholesome enough with my induction by Lilith Seong. Or as she's known in to other Firefighters and Lifeguards alike, Lilypad. Gives me a tour Tower One, showing me the locker room, the kitchen, the sleeping quarters and introducing me to one of the Section Chiefs, Lifeguard Iglesias. Lilypad explains that while she's a Lifeguard first, she also splits her time to Station Seven as a Firefighter Three. Though, she originally started in the department as a Lifeguard and she'll always see the beaches of Los Santos as her home as she continues in her studies of the local marine life.

My induction finished with an exclaimed; "Welcome aboard the Los Santos County Lifeguards!". A warm welcome as a small crowd gathered in the recreation room of Tower one, Chief Inglesias and a few of the other Lifeguards.

While I had never thought of a home being the Lifeguard tower, it soon grows to feel like a second home. My first being oh so close to the beach in a small Del Perro apartment. But, with Lilypad it's down to business as she takes me on my first patrol around Vespucci Beach, showing me what to look out for as we drive down onto Del Perro's beach and down to the Rock pool. Where we find a lonesome chap sat in his car, as we quickly assist him and he's on his way. I take the moment to take in the views of the beach. As a member of the public, you see a different side to the beach than a Lifeguard. But, it's the beauty of Los Santos no matter how you look at it.

Other than that, the Los Santos beaches are on their off-season with the winter. Though, it's nearly at its end. This seems to usually be the quietest time of the year with likely beach-goers, swimmers, surfers and the like waiting until the weather warms up. But, the Life of a Lifeguard never rests when it comes to looking after the beach as if it was our own backyard. Tending to it and making sure it's ready for the summer when the citizens of Los Santos are expected to come back in their droves, looking for a slice of the summer beach time fun to be had.
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