[05/03/2021] Del Perro Shark Attacks

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[05/03/2021] Del Perro Shark Attacks

Post by Alex Jorgensen » 05 Mar 2021, 17:05

Del Perro Shark Attacks
Friday, March 05, 2021
LSFD Public Information Officer Alex Jorgensen
While it may be off season for beach goers across Los Santos, the beaches of Vespucci and Del Perro still see a few fair visitors to enjoy the year round sunshine and warmth that the state enjoys. Relaxing on the sand or taking the occasional dip in the waters. However, the Los Santos County Lifeguard would like to remind swimmers to be vigilant.

In the last few weeks, the Lifeguards has seen a rise in the frequency of Shark related incidents with the amount since the start of the year closing in on the overall calls almost surpassing last year as a whole. While earlier last week, the Lifeguards took the decision to close off the beaches to the west of Del Perro's pier with notable red flags along the coast. Signalling a danger to swimmers and lifeguards alike. Despite best efforts to investigate the issue, the reason why the local wildlife has come closer to the shore remains unknown. Though, it is thought to be linked to the current surge in riptides and stronger currents tied to the time of year.

"As we get into the warmer months of the year and breeding season for many of our ocean wildlife, we see a rise in presence from sharks, this too heightening the risk of shark attacks. In the passing months we have seen more and more vessels venturing the waters as have we seen more daring to go into deeper water, whether that be for leisure or exploration. We have to understand that the ocean is home to the sharks as well as many other species, including bait fish. Bait fish are known to flock toward shore with warmer weather themselves, and with the larger pool of bait fish comes higher chance of sharks.

Should you be swimming, diving, or surfing and come across a large school of fish no matter where you are in the waters, I urge you to move to shore and away from the schools of fish. This is a primary scenario for shark attacks to occur if people are present and will mistake them for food.

Does this mean to avoid the water during the summer? Absolutely not. You have more likelihood of being struck by lightning than attacked by the shark, but this does not mean you should not use common sense and caution.

If you see a shark in the water, then we urge you to contact the Los Santos County Lifeguards so that we are fully aware and can take precautionary measures for the safety of the residents of Los Santos. If the shark sighting is out in deeper waters please take care and caution and, understand that the deeper ocean is home to the shark and other wildlife, not humans."
says Marine Life expert and Lifeguard Captain Lilith Seong.

Tips to avoiding shark attacks:

- Avoid schools of bait fish, especially silvery fish such as Hoki, Tarakihi and Salmon.
- Avoid swimming during low-light hours, like dusk and dawn or in murky waters. Swimming where a shark’s vision is obscured and more likely to provoke chance of attack.
- Whilst in deeper water avoid splashing around a lot and causing evident presence.
- Stay close to the shore, and if you’re venturing out on a diving exploration ensure you have at least one other person with you.

The Lifeguards would remind beach-goers that while the beach has been reopened in recent days to remain vigilante and if adamant on a Spring-time swim to remain close to the shore or in view of an on-duty Lifeguard and to be well prepared should an incident occur. All questions can be forwarded to the Lifeguard team stationed at Tower One, Vespucci Beach.
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