[08/03/2021] Firefighter - Day in the Life

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[08/03/2021] Firefighter - Day in the Life

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Firefighter - Day in the Life
8th, March, 2021
LSFD Public Information Officer Austin Turner
**VIDEO CLIP** Tae-Yeon Kae:
My name is Tae-Yeon Kae... I'm a Korean immigrant from Seongnam, in South Korea. I joined the fire department a couple of months ago, and recently passed my probationary period. We're currently in Fire Station Seven, in El Burro, which is my assigned station.

So, ah, work in the fire department can be kind of erratic at times. There will be long periods where nothing happens, or it can just be call after all, so you got to make sure your gear's ready.
* Tae-Yeon Kae yanks open one of the lockers, pulling out a set of yellow turnout pants, coat, and helmet, along with her SCBA gear.*
These are what we call Turnouts, they're fire-resistant clothing that we wear any time there's a fire callout, or a motor vehicle accident when there could be risks from the crash.
* Tae-Yeon Kae deposits everything on the floor, laying them out separately from each other.*
So we've got the pants, they just go right over your normal work pants, you can step into them and just lift them up. Same with the coat here... You just throw it on and pull it closed against yourself.
* Tae-Yeon Kae demonstrates for the camera, stepping into the pants and hiking them up until they're all the way up, securing them to herself, then following suit with the coat.*
Got these gloves here, you want to make sure they're on good and tight so nothing hot or corrosive gets up your wrists.
* Tae-Yeon Kae pulls the gloves taut, demonstrating their seal.*
Technically the boots and the pants are separate but it's good practice to keep them together for speed, we've then got... this helmet here.
* Tae-Yeon Kae lifts up the aforementioned helmet, showing it to the camera.*
This is pretty standard for a helmet, just protects your noggin from anything falling on you. But it does also work with...
* Tae-Yeon Kae kneels down, picking up the hefty SCBA gear on the ground and holding it out for the camera.*
Your personal protective equipment, So what you'd do is you put on the mask here, which this is part of standard gear checks anyway, you wanna make sure it's got a good seal...
* Tae-Yeon Kae fits the mask and a flame-resistant hood over her head, pushing the mask in against her face to seal it up.*
* Tae-Yeon Kae then swings her air tank around the back of herself, fitting it on like a backpack and connecting the hose to the mask.*

So now... My face is protected, and I'd have an internal source of air, then you just slide the helmet on over it, and you're fully protected.
* Tae-Yeon Kae does as mentioned, fitting the helmet over her flame-resistant hood.*
So this on my back, this is what we call an SCBA tank. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. This provides air in cases where the air might be toxic, like a structure fire or chemical spill.

********** EMERGENCY CALL **********
* Log Number: 21-60814
* Phone Number: **MUTED**
* Location: Major vehicle accident.
* Situation: West Vinewood, West Eclipse Bulevard.

Tae-Yeon Kae:
We got an MVA call, so we're going to that!
* Tae-Yeon Kae pulls off her SCBA gear, holding it under her arm.*
E-7's status six on West Eclipse.
RA-71 is on scene of West Eclipse boulevard.
PIO, same traffic.
Tae-Yeon Kae says: So, this MVA's not as bad as it could be. Vehicle's not too bad, we're just gonna chock the wheels up so it doesn't roll on us.
Tae-Yeon Kae says: I got it.
Felix Dawson says: Is the handbrake on?
Clarke MacKay says: Handbrake can fail, we'll chock it.
* Tae-Yeon Kae approaches the engine, grabbing a set of wheel chocks out of the storage compartment.*
Felix Dawson says: Gotcha.
* Tae-Yeon Kae kneels down beside each wheel, carefully stuffing one of the chocks under them, faced away from the incline.*
Felix Dawson says: Do you need a hand?
Tae-Yeon Kae says: Yeah, you wanna do the rears?
* Tae-Yeon Kae offers two chocks up to Felix.*
* Tae-Yeon Kae scoots over to the other wheel to do the same as the first.*

Felix Dawson says: I'm afraid I can only do one wheel.
Felix Dawson says: Rear wheel, that is.
Tae-Yeon Kae says: Three out of four is fine!
Felix Dawson says: Gotcha!
Tae-Yeon Kae says: I have a feeling that the fourth one isn't going anywhere.
* Tae-Yeon Kae places her hand on the hood of the vehicle and stands up.*
* Felix Dawson squats down, placing the chock under the rear right wheel, facing the opposite way of the incline.*

Tae-Yeon Kae says: He said he lost the rear.
Tae-Yeon Kae says: That happens sometimes.
Felix Dawson says: I guess so.
Tae-Yeon Kae says: Rear of the car kicks out from under you and you can find yourself in a spin...Honestly on a hill like this, he's lucky he didn't flip.
Felix Dawson says: Yep, the handling must have been pretty bad if his car ended up on the opposite sidewalk of the right lane.
Tae-Yeon Kae says: Though with all the tire marks, oil stains and seal lines in the road I can't even tell which direction he came from...
Clarke MacKay says: Probably.
RA-71 is status 7 to Zonah Medical with one LOC-A male with a cut on his arm, stable vitals.
E-7's clear of West Eclipse, returning to quarters.
PIO, clearing form West Vinewood, returning to station seven.
********** EMERGENCY CALL **********
* Log Number: 21-60820
* Phone Number: **MUTED**
* Location: 1236 Mirror Park Boulevard
* Situation: My husband has fainted, hurry!

RA-72, show us responding to last.
PIO, en route status five.
Okay, so, due to the nature of our last call, with it being in someone's personal property, we couldn't film the events for you.
Was just a fairly standard cardiac distress call, but we expect the patient to be okay.
And I would like to thank my coworker Mia Schultz for her hard work on that scene. She definitely pulled most of the weight.
Aside from that... I suppose that'll be it for me!
This has been Tae-Yeon Kae, with the Los Santos Fire Department's Day in the Life! Annyeong!
Los Santos County Lifeguard #49041
Public Relations / Flight Crew / Volunteer Firefighter
Currently on LOA till 20/06/2021

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