[15/03/2021] Fire Station Tours: Station One

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[15/03/2021] Fire Station Tours: Station One

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Fire Station Tours: Tour of Fire Station 1 in Paleto Bay
15th March 2021
LSFD Public Information Officer Austin Turner, Public Affairs Specialist Krista J. Page, Ph.D.
A fire station is a structure or other area for storing firefighting apparatus such as fire engines and related vehicles, personal protective equipment, fire hoses, and other specialized equipment. Fire stations frequently contain working and living space for the firefighters and support staff. There are 7 Fire Stations around San Andreas currently, each Fire Station has a captain assigned, and each Fire Station has a different architecture.

Public Information Officer Austin Turner and Public Affairs Specialist Krista Page are going around San Andreas, asking for tours from Fire Captains. This month, however, The Public Relations Division is releasing the tour given by Fire Captain Porter at Fire Station One in Paleto Bay.
At the moment, we're in the main hallway. Right behind be are our bays, but the rigs are outside right now. We will get to them later. Image
First room we encounter is this one – office of the Captain and Battalion Chief. As you all probably know, the Battalion Chief slot is currently vacant. It's nothing particularly interesting, this is where most of my shifts start and end. Paperwork, lots of it. That's where it all happens. Image
Here we have our briefing room. Seats, a projector – This is where the day will start for most of our Firefighters. We go over the daily agenda, figure out what needs doing, what we should keep in mind... these sort of things. Image
Moving on up, we have everyone's favorite area in the station, the kitchen and dinner table. It's where we eat, catch up, and solve all of the world's problems. The same thing can be said about every other station there – The dinner table is likely the most important aspect of a fire station. It's the exact same situation in our station. Image Image
This is our equipment and personal storage area. We keep some spare tools in here, spare SCBA packs, bunker gear, all the pieces of equipment that we might need spares for. And as for the lockers, it is self-explanatory – Storage for our Firefighters. Image Image
And this here is the resting area. You could argue this is actually the most important room in the fire station. Because as you know, without rest, Firefighters won't be able to perform up to standard. Image Image
So – first we have the two true staples of any fire station. The Fire Engine and the Rescue Ambulance. These two rigs go out more than any others in our fleet, as you would expect. Our ambulance, same as with every other in the Department– is built on the Vapid Sandking chassis. It is tough, sturdy, and it can handle a bit of rough terrain. As for the Engine– we've even got a nickname for it. Commonly known around these parts as the "Pride of Paleto", since it is Paleto Bay's only active fire suppression rig. And one out of two fire engines for battalion two in general. Image Image
If we head around back, that's where we reach the more fun and specialized rigs. Here we have two rigs that might look identical from a glance, given they are built on the same chassis. However, the two of them serve entirely different purposes and have different load-outs. First up, Swift Water Rescue One. This rig is equipped with a whole array of dive and water rescue gear. Don't forget the boat on top. It's a part of the USAR task force as well, serving as additional manpower of Station Three. Moving on just beside is the Brush Patrol One. This piece of machinery is equipped to handle wildfires primarily. It's got a water tank and pump, albeit a much smaller one than in our Engine. Sides that, it's got all the wildfire equipment you might need. Personal protection equipment, an array of hand tools that are useful for digging fire lines, and so on. It is an important aspect of our station, considering we cover the entirety of Paleto's forest. Here we have Canine One. As the name implies, it's the vehicle our search and rescue dog handlers use to respond to incidents where they are needed. Of course, the car is built to be as comfortable as it can be for a dog. It's got a remote AC, and the entirety of the rear equipment is essentially a room for the dog. We've got treats, toys– anything that might be useful during an actual operation. Image Image Image
This right here does not need much introduction. It's Battalion Two. Driven by a Battalion Chief to various scenes. It houses a mobile center in the back to make the management of bigger incidents easier, and as with most rigs, it carries PPE and a couple of smaller hand tools, if the need for them arises. Continuing with Utility One, on the trailer is ATV One. This rig serves a variety of purposes, however primarily, we use it as our primary off-road incident response. The ATV does wonders when it comes to accessing remote areas, which greatly compliments the rig in general. It's capable of hauling almost any gear you throw in it, and it is capable of transporting a patient – At least down to the staging area, which is where an ambulance would take over. Image Image
This here is our training tower– There is a staple across most stations in the country. The reason it is tall and has multiple floors is that we are able to simulate a variety of different situations. Do you want to simulate a fire with a trapped victim on the first floor? A hundred percent is doable. Do you want to simulate a high-rise fire, which would require the use of an aerial ladder? Also doable. The most recent session we have held here was about the deployment of rescue air cushions in jumper situations. Image
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