[21/02/2021] Public Relations - More than words

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[21/02/2021] Public Relations - More than words

Post by Alex Jorgensen » 21 Apr 2021, 14:55

Public Relations - More than words
21th, April, 2021
LSFD Public Affairs Consultant Alexandra Vestergaard
"My name is Alex Jorgensen from Oslo, Norway. I work as a Lifeguard primarily for the Los Santos County Lifeguards. But, also serve as a Public Information Officer for the Public Relations Division and Aerial Operations as Flight Crew."

- The Los Santos Fire Department is made up of talented and committed individuals from all corners of the world. Not just Los Santos, each with their own story and motivation for doing the work they do everyday to keep the civilians of the City of Los Santos safe. This was how the Fire Department's very own Alex Jorgensen opened up to the interview. This is dedicated to not only him, but every hardworking member of the Los Santos Fire Department - each having their story to tell and be heard; worth more than words. -

"My daily work day? Check any outstanding PR paperwork like Information Requests, Event Requests and so forth. I also work in Vespucci as a Lifeguard, patrolling the beaches of Vespucci and Del Perro and respond to any medical calls or rescue calls in the Pacific Ocean. I'm a member of the Lifeguard Dive team so, I'm a certified Diver. In case anyone drowns or on the occasion where a diving rescue operation is needed."

- How would you consider being such a talented member of the Department, in the sense of your accomplishments and several distinct tasks? What makes you tick, in more common terms? -

"Well.. I wouldn't consider myself an overly talented member of the department. All of my colleagues are talented, whether PR, Lifeguard or any other division you could hear of. I've always worked in Public Service, given that y first job was for the Los Santos Fire Department as a Firefighter back in the day, when I was just eighteen years old. I only took a break to work for State Fire Marshals cause I needed a change of scenery. Then...when my time was up with them, I had fallen in love with Vespucci...I couldn't leave Vespucci and as a Marshal I'd become extremely close to many of the lifeguards, so...that was my next step."

- Decided it was time to...'return home', so to speak? -

"I loved my time in the State Fire Marshals, I wouldn't change it for the world. But, it was a lot of work. Long hours, lot of paperwork — It was definitely time to "return home", so to speak. I owe a lot of my success as a Lifeguard to my colleagues honestly, Lilith, one of the other Lifeguards pushed me to try out for them originally, she was there for my induction, training, evaluation..She was a major support. In the Los Santos Fire Department, you aren't just colleagues. You're family — As they say, blood makes you related. But, loyalty and trust make you family."

- Quite the inspiring motto. And what would your message be to accompany such a welcoming phrase to live by?-

"Honestly? If it was a civilian wanting to join the Department? Albeit your doubts, you don't know how it will go until you try — Journey into the unknown, push yourself a little more. Don't underestimate your abilities! Because Firefighting, Lifeguard — It's such a wonderful and extensive career. To save someone? To see someone smile because they might have been struggling but you just made their day a little brighter? Nothing compares to that fulfilling sensation."

- Very well said, Alex. And with that...the Los Santos Fire Department not only invites you to push yourself to do your best - but to share your experiences. After all, we're all worth more than words. -
Los Santos County Lifeguard #49041
Public Relations / Flight Crew / Volunteer Firefighter
Currently on LOA till 20/06/2021

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