[23/04/2021] Introduction to EMS

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[23/04/2021] Introduction to EMS

Post by Alex Jorgensen » 23 Apr 2021, 17:45

Introduction to EMS
Friday, April 23rd, 2021
LSFD Public Information Officer Alex Jorgensen
The Los Santos Fire Department has always been known for its Fire and Medical services offered to the city of Los Santos and it's citizens and the multitude of careers that the Department offers to budding Firefighters and Lifeguards. However, what about those who find the idea of Firefighting a little daunting?

The last few weeks has brought about major change to the Los Santos Fire Department and the department is proud to announce a new opportunity for budding Paramedics, the Emergency Services (EMS) Division. Headed by newly appointed EMS Captain Gary Young. The EMS Division aims to broaden the prospects of the department by offering opportunities to those wishing to become Paramedics without the responsibilities of Firefighters being involved. Holding no limitations to EMTs or Paramedics involved and offering the same medical training offered to Firefighters involved in the department.

"It is an exciting time for the Department as a whole, bringing forth this new division of the Emergency Medical Services is a task that I have welcomed with open arms. Through the combined efforts with our Chief of Operations, Training and Recruitment and our fantastic folks in Public Relations we have taken a giant leap forward in bringing this division to an operational capacity.

As the Captain that has been appointed to take charge of this division it is my goal to ensure we continue to deliver a high-quality medical service to the people of Los Santos. Our goal is to do just that, we are actively recruiting new enthusiastic people to join our division to become one of the many members of our department with the primary focus to specialise in emergency pre-hospital environments.

The EMS division is not a separation from the Fire Department but a division within, all personnel that wish join the division will go through the same recruitment and training process as our current firefighters, they will not receive firefighting training but will focus solely on becoming Emergency Medical Technicians before eventually training to become one our fine Paramedics. Whilst our current serving firefighters are all trained up to the level of Emergency Medical Technician at a basic level, not everyone is ready to perform as a firefighter.

Alongside the EMS division will be the launch of our new EMS supervisory vehicles known as EMS-1 and EMS-2. These vehicles will be manned and operated by EMS Captains who will provide supervisory services or incident command on scenes that require it, such as mass casualty incidents or large-scale operations with multi-agency response. We have many ideas on the direction we wish to take with the division, and we look forward to sharing more with you all in the future. This is a great career opportunity for many who wish to pursue it and I welcome anyone who has that desire to take on a new challenge."
says EMS Captain Gary Young.

The first Recruitment Drive for prospective EMTs and Paramedics opened on the 19th of April and closes at Midnight on the 25th of April. Prospective applicants are encouraged to forward their applications to Training & Recruitment before then. Existing Firefighters are encouraged to transfer through internal applications if interested.
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