[24/APR/2021] The LSFD, Media & You

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[24/APR/2021] The LSFD, Media & You

Post by Alex Jorgensen » 24 Apr 2021, 11:55

The LSFD, Media & You
24th April 2021
LSFD Public Affairs Consultant Alexandra Vestergaard
Director Dennis Sidwell - LSNN / Lifeguard Alex Jorgensen - LSFD / Lifeguard Section Chief John Weltmann - LSFD / Reporter Michael Gold - LSNN
Last night was an amazing evening for the Los Santos Fire Department and the Los Santos News Network alike. Thanks to Mr. Michael Gold of the LSNN, the Lifeguard Division had it's well deserved slice of the media cake. As per LSNN's online activity these past few days regarding Lifeguard Tower 1 in Vespucci; on the afternoon of April 23rd 2021, an interview was conducted to Lifeguard Jorgensen and Section Chief Weltmann - who had given LSNN a tour around the living and command quarters of the pristine and well trained Lifeguards - a group of dedicated men and women alike that take action to the waters and beaches of San Andreas with grit and might - to make sure each life in danger at sea is brought to safety on land.

The relations between both the Fire Department and the News Network had been seemingly shaky to the public eye. But as of now, both of these interviews conducted by LSNN's very own Reporter Gold have come forth not only to show the integrity of both groups; but to demonstrate to the state of San Andreas the Department's capability to take action with the public - and to solidify and strenghten both old and new ties to one of the state's media outputs.

No official post-interview statements were made by any of the four participant males. But! Here within the Public Relations offices, the Fire Department can indeed tell the citizens of San Andreas that there should be no fear or shyness in approaching us - for the Department is pledged to Save, pledged to Serve and pledged to Respect no matter who, what or where.

"Our job has always been to educate and inform, the Public Relations team strives to bring quality and educational content to educate citizens of Los Santos about the work our Firefighters, Paramedics and Lifeguards do all day, everyday. One way we can do this, is by building connections with local media like Los Santos News Network. But, also utilising different formats such as TV, Social Media, Newspaper. It helps us reach more people and broaden our prospective audience and that is hopefully something we strived towards today, working with Los Santos News Network." Says Los Santos Fire Department PR Director Alice Fjellhol.

Public Relations strives to educate and keep the citizens educated and aware of what, where or when something occurs within or involving the Fire Department that you should know of. As such, you are welcomed to interact with our Firefighters, Paramedics, Lifeguards or Public Relations whenever most fitting! And above all...
Never be afraid to ask for help.
Los Santos County Lifeguard #49041
Public Relations / Flight Crew / Volunteer Firefighter
Currently on LOA till 20/06/2021

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