[12/05/2021] PR Shorts: Station 6 - The Training Grounds

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[12/05/2021] PR Shorts: Station 6 - The Training Grounds

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PR Shorts: Station 6 - The Training Grounds
Wednesday, May 12th, 2021
LSFD Public Affairs Consultant Devyn Wolfe
Welcome to Station 6, located within the Los Santos International Airport, where all of the Fire Department's members have to go through in order to be considered fit and prepared for their duties. Whilst it's home to the Air Operation Division's MEDEVAC aircraft and some Airport Crash Trucks - Station 6 is better known for also being the Fire Academy. From physical evaluations, all the way to the most complicated driving procedures, the Academy is where everyone gets most of their ribbons.

Given it's location, Station 6 doesn't see a lot of action most of the time. The occasional helicopter takes off or lands for a medical evacuation or even wildfire overwatch. And the occasional bright yellow ambulance may sometimes be seen roaming the roads of San Andreas - always watching for someone in need of help.

The LSFD is quite proud of each and every member it has, given they're trained by the best to become the best. But...that doesn't come easily, it takes a bit of blood, sweat, tears and courage to muster through the neverending days that lead you towards a brighter future within the red-lined family. Whether an Academy Student or a Battalion Chief like it or not - Station 6 is where you put your skills to the test, trying to prove yourself fitting of the Fire Department's standards. This is also where you'll most likely return in the future for any further trainings, given a majority of vehicle-related evaluations are realized within the Academy's grounds.

Think you have what it takes? Think you can break the Fire Department's records and surpass your own? Well, now's the time.
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