[18/05/2021] Battalion Chief Holland & USAR Interview

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[18/05/2021] Battalion Chief Holland & USAR Interview

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Battalion Chief Holland & USAR Interview.
Tues, May 18th, 2021
LSFD Public Affairs Specialist Devyn Wolfe
A 37 year-old Canadian man hailing from Sandy Shores. Our very own Kurt Holland has just been appointed to Battalion Chief position within the Los Santos Fire Department that he has faithfully served for eight years now. Hailing from Springfield at the time his Engineer request was approved, we're here after a long journey to sit down for a quick interview.
Interview Transcript

How do you go out on your daily work routine? What do you do, how do you do it and are there any secrets or tips you use? If so, what are they and are there any recommendations you'd hand out to colleagues or civilians alike? -

"My job throughout my entire career was built in Operations Bureau. I’m the Unit Commander of Urban Search and Rescue Division, which is my prime duty to keep myself fit to prepare for the challenging scenes we come across daily. I hit the GYM early in the morning and start the day with a strong breakfast. There is no ‘secret’ among us, for that the recipe is known by all: Commitment. Our job is demanding; there is no room for slacking off, no easy workaround to achieve your dreams in this life. To taste the sweet feeling of success, one must endure the bitter."

What's your personal motto? What's the best thing you think you've done for the Fire Department? What's the worst and how do you cope with the inevitable sense of failure that most firefighters and paramedics tend to face at least once during their careers? -

"I don’t live by mottos. I set myself goals to become a better man of myself, and an effective leader to my crew. That must have been acknowledged by our Chief Officers that they offered me the opportunity to evolve the silver bugles into gold. It’s not my style to vocalize about my contributions or achievements; I focus on my job and leave the rest to the relevant authority. Patience is a virtue.

Firefighting is commonly referred to be the bravest job of all. We run into the buildings even if it means to cost our lives. And, every firefighter goes through that rough patch at least once in their career. Loss of a loved one; a relative, a friend, is an indescribable feeling that can’t be expressed with words. To endure the pain, sense of failure and confidence loss, firefighters require a strong will and this experience remains as the toughest challenge to overcome a mental obstacle in the world of firefighting."

Given that you also operate with USAR, how would you describe it? Both in it's meaning and it's members? What does it represent in your life and what is USAR's motto and how does it operate? -

"Urban Search and Rescue is a formation of skilled firefighters trained in the advanced techniques of firefighting to perform specialized rescues. You need us? “We’ve got your back”. No matter if you are deep down under the Pacific or trapped in the peak of Chiliad. We are up for the challenge.

Davis Fire Station is where our full-time USAR folks are stationed at. This is also how I transferred to Station Three (Davis) in the early stages of my career, perhaps one of the best decisions I made when I look back in time. Only a handful firefighters, all gathered for an aim to go the extra mile in specialized rescue. You treat each call differently and prioritize teamwork to deploy the best tactic, which contributes to a dynamic work environment. We also offer on-call positions for firefighters who’d like to join our forces without the need to switch their primary station."

If you could change one thing inside USAR, what would it be and why? -

"We are planning to expand our operation field and turn the Paleto Station into USAR’s second full-time home soon. We are in works to rebrand our Engine 1 into RE-1, a Rescue Engine to fulfill the duties of the division. Our call volume is divided between the City of Los Santos and Blaine County, thus we are in firm belief that a dedicated group in Paleto will help us to better facilitate our response times in the county, and save space for on-call positions."

Thank you for your time, Kurt. And thank you for sharing with us, the public, one of many important and integral functions the LSFD has to offer in it's neverending duty to keep the people safe and sound. -
From the darkest depths... Image To the highest peaks... Image "We've got your back." - LSFD's USAR Motto.
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