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Alex Randall
Retired Ocean Lifeguard
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Joined: 28 Jan 2018, 01:31

((Reinstated under Aoife Reilly))
Lifeguard Alex Randall
Air Operations Division Commanding Officer
United States Coast Guard Aviation Survival Technician
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ImageAssistant Chief Kevin Alterlis, Internal Affairs Director
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Winona Bosch
EMS Captain I
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Joined: 11 Apr 2021, 15:37
Primary Assignment: EMS Division
Station Assignment: Station 7

1 Year Service Award:
Awarded to those who have successfully served the Los Santos Fire Department for one year.

Date: 28/AUG/2022
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Dexter Marshall
Lifeguard Captain
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Primary Assignment: Los Santos County Lifeguard
Station Assignment: Tower 2

Air Operations Command:
Awarded to those who have successfully been internally promoted to the Command Team of the Air Operations Division

Date: 23/SEP/2022

Lifeguard Captain / Volunteer Firefighter/PM
Dexter Marshall | Badge #11158

Commanding Officer | Recovery Subsection.
Commanding Officer | Air Operations Division.
Rescue Diver / Dinghy Operator | Diving Subsection.
Senior T&R Officer | Lifeguard Training & Recruitment.
Lifeguard Captain
Lifeguard Tower One, Vespucci Beach
Los Santos County Lifeguards.
AOD Commanding Officer
Fire Station Six, LS International Airport
Los Santos Fire Department.

"Serving Los Santos with Courage, Integrity and Pride"

LScoL - Lifeguard Captain