Memorandum #59 - Mobile Command Truck

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Memorandum #59 - Mobile Command Truck

Post by David Sullivan » 19 Jul 2021, 21:50

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Dear Staff,

With the rising amount of major incidents within the City of Los Santos, The City of Los Santos government acquired three new mobile command trucks, one for each department, in order to better manage the planning, communications, mapping, and other critical functions that support ground units during major incidents.

The apparatus is used for major incidents within the City of Los Santos or on request at a unified command post when collaborating with other departments and agencies. The Command Truck includes a wide array of equipment used for planning, communications, and incident management. An Incident Commander (IC) will typically be the person managing a mobile facility such as this.
[+] Picture of our new command truck
1. The mobile command truck can be only deployed with the order of Battalion Chief and above.
2. The mobile command truck is to be driven by members qualified and trained with EVOC-A.
3. The mobile command truck is to be deployed only for major incidents and with common sense by a Battalion Chief and above.
----Incidents such as but not limited to:
  • Big wildlands fires
  • Major search and rescue incidents
  • Riots
  • MCIs
Notable features and equipment:
  • 20" Raised Roof
  • 3 Interior Command Spaces
  • Interior Desks, Cabinets and Consoles
  • Lavatory Compartment with Sink and Toilet
  • WeatherPak® TRx2-UHF Weather Station
  • KVH Trac Vision Satellite Receiver
  • Bosch MIC IP Starlight Camera
  • Will-Burt 7-42' Pneumatic Telescoping Mast
  • Onan Protec PTO Generator System
  • Command Tent
  • White Boards
Command 2 - LSFD CM2


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