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Memorandum #61 - Board of Appeals

Posted: 25 Jul 2021, 22:09
by David Sullivan
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Dear Staff,
After a long development time by the office of the Chief of Staff and the Internal Affairs Division, I am happy to introduce the Board of Appeals to our department. This is the first time the LSFD has a board of this sort.

The Board of Appeals exists for employees to dispute disciplinary actions, ranging from Admonishments to Suspensions and up to terminations, taken against them coming from Civilian Staff Management, Lifeguard Command, Company Officers, or Chief Officers. Appeals are being reviewed by employees of the Internal Affairs Division and Chief Officers.

Both Departmental and Divisional disciplinary actions could be appealed and sent to the Internal Affairs Command team for further discussion within the Board of Appeals.

((The whole process will be done on forums and to be considered as IC unless OOC punishments are discussed)).

  • Step 1 - An appeal is to be sent to Internal Affairs Command team.
  • Step 2 - The Internal Affairs Command team will receive the appeal, acknowledge it, and will start working on it immediately.
  • Step 3 - The Internal Affairs Command team will invite necessary people to the Board of Appeals on a case-to-case basis via Email. The board of appeals contains 2 Chief offices (Fire Chief and or a Deputy Chief and or an Assistant Chief and or a Battalion Chief ), 1 to 2 civilians (Internal Affairs Team), and 1 or 2 Company Offices ( to be selected to a case-to-case basis).
  • Step 4 - All personnel invited to the specific Board of Appeals hearing will voice their opinion about the situation, the punishment given and the appeal and will discuss any amendments to the punishment (if any). ((A special forum group will be given to those invited to the board so they can view necessary forum sections while the appeal takes place. After the appeal is considered as concluded, the groups will be taken. ))
  • Step 5 - The Internal Affairs Command team and the LSFD Chief Officers will conduct a final discussion of the matter and will send out the results to those involved in the hearing and will amend necessary changes, if applicable.

For a more detailed explanation of who may be involved in the appeal discussion, refer to the information described in the section.
Link for the Board of Appeals section of our website can be found HERE.


Deputy Chief D. Sullivan
Chief of Staff, Acting Chief of Operations.