Memorandum #64 - Primary assignments, Admin billets and Administrator ranks.

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Memorandum #64 - Primary assignments, Admin billets and Administrator ranks.

Post by David Sullivan » 22 Aug 2021, 23:06

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Dear Staff,
As of today, the faction will be adopting an assignment-based rank system for Captains+. What this means is that all Captains and above will have a primary assignment allocated to them and their respective rank. Each rank will have a set of available positions and members may apply for said positions via the Command Training Program, should they be eligible. Advancement between ranks will also depend on position availability.

The positions are as-follows:
Sworn Member Ranks and Assignments
Along with the assignment-based system, some Captains will receive an administrative-based position (such as T&R Unit Commander, Assistant to the Chief of Admin, etc) and will be assigned to the Headquarters instead of being assigned to a Station-based position, to avoid maintaining two Captain assignments. These Captains still hold full rank authority in regards to their rank and may still conduct normal field duties. However, they will have a lower activity requirement in order for them to be able to focus on running their administrative assignments.
  • Fire Captain I - Engine/Quint/USAR Company Officer / Unit Assistant Commander
  • Fire Captain II - Station Captain / Unit Commander
  • EMS Captain - EMS Supervisor
  • Battalion Chief - Battalion 1A / Battalion 1B / Battalion 2 / Assistant to the Chief of Administration
  • EMS Division Chief - Equal to Battalion Chief
  • Assistant Chief - Chief of Operations / Chief of Administration
  • Deputy Chief - Chief of Staff
* Chief Officers reserve the right to amend this list, add, remove or change positions without prior notification.
Civilian to Administrator and their assignments
Civilian Managers will now be recognized as Administrators. We will have four levels of Administrators depending on the member's divisional assignment. It's important to note that if the member is sworn, they will retain their current rank. If the member is a civilian employee, they will be assigned to their appropriate administrator paygrade.
  • Administrator I - Unit Command Member
  • Administrator II - Unit Assistant Director / Assistants to the Chief (Fire Chief/Chief of Staff)
  • Administrator III - Unit Director
  • Administrator IV - Assistant head of Administration
Administrators will also have their rank billets introduced in order to properly distribute administrators. All current administrators will be placed into appropriate billets.

Administrator I:
Public Relations: 1
Training & Recruitment: 2

Total: 3
Administrator II:
Public Relations: 1
Training & Recruitment: 1
Assistants to the Chiefs: 2

Total: 4
Administrator III:
Public Relations: 1
Training & Recruitment: 1

Total: 2
Administrator IV:
Assistant Head of Administrations: 1

Total: 1

With both of the changes above, the faction's command billets will be expanding to allow for a bigger command team to assure that all divisions, stations, and assignments are getting the attention they deserve. A proper chain of command will also be established once more billets are filled. This change will allow for smoother operations of all divisions, units, and stations.

((OOC Forum Changes)) We have added new fields to your forum profiles to make it easier to identify where you are assigned to, what your primary assignment is and who your direct supervisor is. It's not mandatory to fill, however, heavily encouraged.
  • Click the following LINK
  • Choose your direct supervisor (if NCS, your Company Officer)
  • Choose your station assignment
  • Choose your primary assignment (if NCS, your company assignment. if Civilian Staff, your division assignment)

Thank you for reading.


Deputy Chief D. Sullivan
Chief of Staff, Acting Chief of Operations.