Memorandum #67 - Changes to employee relationship reports and Internal Affairs reports

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Memorandum #67 - Changes to employee relationship reports and Internal Affairs reports

Post by FD Internal Affairs » 06 Sep 2021, 15:28

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Dear Staff,

Changes have been made in policies related to the Internal Affairs Division. The visible changes are related to the way employee relationships are reported with a fleshed out anti-fraternization policy and the different ways of reporting incidents to the Internal Affairs Division.
Anti-Fraternization Policy The Los Santos Fire Department encourages camaraderie among employees but to prevent a conflict between professional responsibilities and personal relationships, a anti-fraternization policy has been created which must be adhered to by any employee. To make sure that everyone is under the same guidelines, those who already have filed a employee relationship report must do so again with the new format.
Detailed information can be found in the Employee Section at the Internal Affairs section on the Los Santos Fire Department's website.
Changes to reporting an employee The Internal Affairs has set up two different sections, one for public view and one for internal use, where individuals can read about the way Internal Affairs takes on complaints and with the possible conclusions. In the past, the Internal Affairs Division didn't always let individuals know about the results of an Internal Affairs report which has since the appointments of Mr. Cohen and myself changed. To further accommodate these changes, the report system has improved as well. Those who aren't employees of the Los Santos Fire Department can find the information at the Internal Affairs section of our website, whereas employees can find further information in the Employee Section.
((Out-of-Character Reports)) There's now a unified way of making Out-of-Character reports for both those who are within the faction and outside of it. A format has been created which should be sent to Internal Affairs Command with the necessary information filed in. Internal Affairs Command will then pass the report on to the relevant parties, being Junior Captains, Senior Captains, Chief Officers or directly to the (Deputy) Fire Chief depending on the circumstances. These reports will be looked into by both the relevant group(s) and Internal Affairs Command to come to a mutual agreement for the best course of action, if anything, based of the evidence provided in the report and any evidence that may arise based of the investigation. We encourage people to make use of these reports when they feel like there is a misrepresentation of the faction, abuse of Out-of-Character power, or inappropriate Out-of-Character behavior. The format can be found here.


Assistant Director Kevin Alterlis
Internal Affairs Division
Los Santos Fire Department