Memorandum #70 - Changes to callsign system

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Memorandum #70 - Changes to callsign system

Post by Gary Young » 04 Oct 2021, 03:09

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Dear Staff,

Following recent conversations held by members of the factions and a significant amount of discussion taking place over this subject twice within the past few months, the Chief Officers have decided to sit down and discuss the topic of call-sign changes in order to better reflect the factions direction of a closer portrayal to our IRL counterpart. As we are now several months past the previous vote the decision has been made to now introduce the changes to callsigns and introduce the 800 callsign, therefor moving us away from the RB/RA system we currently have.

The primary change to the callsign system is regarding Rescue Ambulances, our current system adopts the use of RB or RA to define BLS or ALS units. We will now step away from this method and refer to all ambulance as RA's (Rescue Ambulances) and BLS/ALS units will now be differentiated by an 800 call-sign or a standard two digit one. Please see below with the finer details.

Any unit that is on duty as a BLS (EMT) resource will now utilise the callsign "Rescue 8XX", for example if you're utilising Rescue 71 as BLS, you will be known as "Rescue 871".

Any unit that is on duty as a ALS (Paramedic) resource will now utilise the callsign "Rescue XX", for example if you're utilising Rescue 71 as ALS, you will be known as "Rescue 71".

Radio communications will move away from the use of letter based call-signs and utilise the name of the resource such as "Rescue XXX" and not "RA-XXX". The purpose of this is to give us more structure, on /callsign you can still utilise "RA-XXX" for the ease of dispatchers ability to oversee units. Below will show a current breakdown of all stations and the units within said stations, the first part comprises of the verbal radio comms use of the callsign and the section in brackets is how you should display your unit on /mcallsign.

With this change it's important to note that all Rescue Ambulances will be fully equipped with BLS and ALS equipment as they are now, it still stands that you may not utilise any ALS equipment unless you are certified to do so, doing so can lead to suspension, termination and license revocation.

Station and Unit Callsign Breakdown
[+] Station 1
Unit Plate Comms Callsign CAD Callsign
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA11 Rescue 11/Rescue 811 RA-11/RA-811
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA12 Rescue 11/Rescue 812 RA-12/RA-812
Engine LSFD_E1 Engine 1 E-1
Brush Patrol LSFD_BP1 Brush 1 BP-1
Swift Water Rescue FD_SWR1 Swift 1 SWR-1
Canine Alamo LSFD_K91 Canine 1 K9-1
Utility Vehicle LSFD_UT1 Utility 1 UT-1
[+] Station 2
Unit Plate Comms Callsign CAD Callsign
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA2 Rescue 2/Rescue 802 RA-12/RA-802
Engine LSFD_E2 Engine 2 E-2
Quint LSFD_Q2 Quint 2 Q-2
Utility Vehicle LSFD_UT2 Utility 2 UT-2
Mobile Command LSFD_CM2 Command 2 CM-2
[+] Station 3
Unit Plate Comms Callsign CAD Callsign
Rescue Ambulance FD_R31 Rescue 31/Rescue 831 RA-31/RA-831
Rescue Ambulance FD_R32 Rescue 32/Rescue 832 RA-32/RA-832
Rescue Engine LSFD_RE3 Rescue Engine 3/Engine 3 RE-3
Search & Rescue LSFD_UR3 USAR 3 USAR-3
HazMat LSFD_SQ3 Squad 3 SQ-3
Swift Water Rescue FD_SWR3 Swift 3 SWR-3
Battalion Chief LSFD_BC1 Battalion 1 BC-1
Canine Alamo LSFD_K93 Canine 3 K9-3
Utility Vehicle LSFD_UT3 Utility 3 UT-3
[+] Station 4
Unit Plate Comms Callsign CAD Callsign
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA4 Rescue 4/Rescue 804 RA-4/RA-804
Engine LSFD_E4 Engine 4 E-4
Brush Patrol LSFD_BP4 Brush 4 BP-4
Utility Vehicle LSFD_UT4 Utility 4 UT-4
[+] Station 6
Unit Plate Comms Callsign CAD Callsign
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA61 Rescue 61/Rescue 861 RA-61/RA-861
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA62 Rescue 62/Rescue 862 RA-62/RA-862
Engine LSFD_E6 Engine 6 E-6
CRASH Engine CRASH1 Crash 1 CRASH-1
CRASH Engine CRASH2 Crash 2 CRASH-2
CRASH Engine CRASH3 Crash 3 CRASH-3
Utility Vehicle LSFD_UT6 Utility 6 UT-6
[+] Station 7
Unit Plate Comms Callsign CAD Callsign
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA71 Rescue 71/Rescue 871 RA-71/RA-871
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA72 Rescue 72/Rescue 872 RA-72/RA-872
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA73 Rescue 73/Rescue 873 RA-73/RA-873
Rescue Ambulance FD_RA74 Rescue 74/Rescue 874 RA-74/RA-874
Engine LSFD_E7 Engine 7 E-7
Quint LSFD_Q7 Quint 7 Q-7
Brush Patrol LSFD_BP7 Brush 7 BP-7
Battalion Chief LSFD_BC2 Battalion 2 BC-2
EMS Captain FD_EMS1 EMS 1 EMS-1
Utility Vehicle LSFD_UT7 Utility 7 UT-7
If there are questions or concerns please approach one of the command team.


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