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Memorandum #71 - Understanding the Chain of Command & External Communication

Posted: 12 Oct 2021, 20:00
by David Sullivan
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Dear Staff,
Recently we had a recurring issue within the department that we are looking to solve once and for all with this memorandum.
This memorandum will help you to understand the Chain of Command and how to properly follow it, how to deal with external communications and who to go to if you have an issue with a member of another agency.
Chain of Command
In an organizational structure, the “chain of command” refers to the formal line of authority, responsibility, and communication within a department. The chain of command can be shown on an organizational chart with the fire chief at the top and the firefighters at the bottom.
More in-depth information about the Chain of Command can be found HERE

As an example, what should you do if you have an issue with a member of the department?
[+] Chart here - open in another tab for better quality
The chart above is one example of how you should solve most of your issues. We usually expect most issues to be solved by your captains.
You may skip levels if some make no sense to your issue. (Example: Your issue is with a Captain - you may go directly to your Battalion Chief).

In order to figure out who is your direct supervisor, you can check the operations bureau roster located at our cad.
External Communications
Recently we had to deal with some issues that were caused due to some info revealed by members of the department reaching the hands of people outside of the department without consulting with the faction leadership, chief officers, or PR. This is mandatory to follow the following chart. No member of the department is allowed by any means to reveal any information about internal procedures, content, and so on to anyone from outside of the department without consulting with us first per the following chart.

Solving issues with members of other agencies.
Sometimes we will face issues with members of other agencies.
We expect all of our members to remain as professional as possible at all times. Under no circumstances shall you involve yourself in an argument or a fight with a member of another agent. If you have been mistreated, please follow the following chart to resolve your issue.



Deputy Chief D. Sullivan
Chief of Staff.