Memorandum #75 - Department Development Team

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Memorandum #75 - Department Development Team

Post by David Sullivan » 11 Dec 2021, 13:24


Dear employees,

Over the past few weeks, a number of feedback points have been raised with the supervisory team that suggestions take a significant amount of time to be worked on; and that there is a lack of transparency regarding the implementation of suggestions or feedback.

Following this feedback, a new team has been created under the Office of the Chief, reporting to the Chief of Staff. This team is known as the Department Development Team. This team is responsible for developing and implementing new changes to the department as a whole, operating under the Office of the Chief.

The Department Development Team work to produce content for changes, such as new memorandums and handbook changelogs, removing the burden from Chief Officers. The intention behind this is to allow for Chief Officers to focus on other tasks, while knowing that any changes they do approve will be implemented in a timely manner. The creation of a single, consolidated team also means that any concerns, queries or issues related to the development and implementation of changes can be addressed easier.

Broadly, the operational pipeline of the Department Development Team is as follows:
  • A suggestion or feedback point is forwarded for discussion.
  • The suggestion is either approved, or it is decided that exploratory work into the suggestion may be done.
  • The ideas for the above are forwarded to the DDT by a Chief Officer. This is now known as a project.
  • Within the guidelines set by the Chief Officers, team members work to produce written documents and policy for the project. Projects that are more substantial in scope or less developed may take longer.
  • Upon the project's completion, the project is reviewed by the Chief Officer responsible for the DDT.
  • If the project is approved, the related memorandum and policy changes are pushed department-wide by the Commanding Officer of the DDT. If the scope of the project is such that the CO does not have sufficient access, then the Chief In Charge of the DDT shall implement the project instead.

This team is now operational as of the posting of this memorandum.


Commanding Officer,
Joseph Foster
Deputy Chief of Staff,
David Sullivan