Memorandum #77 - Leave of Absence Regulations

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Memorandum #77 - Leave of Absence Regulations

Post by Randy Sikes » 14 Dec 2021, 05:43


Dear Members,

The following amendments to the Leave of Absence regulations are effective immediately:
[+] Leave of Absence Regulations
  • Members may file for a leave of absence (LOA) for up to 30 days. Any absences above 30 days need to have explicit approval from an Assistant Chief+. However, in most cases, members will be asked to resign and then reinstate when they are able to return. Members may not take more than 30 days in a 3-month period; and no more than 60 days in a 6-month period.
    (( If additional time is required, an exception may be granted for the following reasons:

    • Work Education or Training.
    • Moving out, emigrating.
    • Exam Periods.
    • Working abroad temporarily.
    • Military deployment.
    • A medical situation in which the member is unable to play. ))

  • No second LOA to be submitted within 30 days of a past one without approval from the member's immediate supervisor (Captain).
  • Members who fail to update their LOA for 7 days after it has expired may be terminated.
  • With the exception of Volunteers, unexcused absences for more than 10 days will result in termination. Members will be contacted prior to removal by a supervisor.
  • Members may not file an LOA for any time period under 7 days. However, members may return earlier if they wish. Throughout the LOA, members cannot come on duty. The LOA will be closed out if so.
  • (( If a member is going to have reduced activity to the point where they may fall under the required ABAS, they are required to contact their immediate supervisor with a valid reason. They are not to be posted here. ))
The section can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=346&t=18

Please let me know if there are any questions.


Randy Sikes
Fire Chief