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Matthew Hobbs - Ride Along Request [Expired]

Posted: 13 Jan 2022, 15:19
by Matthew Hobbs
Image Los Santos Fire Department
Ride Along Application Format

1. Personal Information:
  • 1.1 First Name: Matthew
    1.2 Middle Name:
    1.3 Last Name: Hobbs
  • 1.4 Address: Hope Community Center
    1.5 City: Los Santos
    1.6 State: San Andreas
  • 1.7 Phone Number: 90533599
    1.8 Date Of Birth: 01/JAN/1996
    1.9 Gender: Male
    • [X] Male
      [-] Female
      [-] Other
  • 1.10 Ethnic Group / Race (mark only one)
    • [-] Black
      [-] Hispanic
      [-] Asian/Pacific Islander
      [X] Caucasian
      [-] American Indian
      [-] Filipino
      [-] Middle Eastern

2. Ride Along Details
  • 2.1 Type of a Ride Along you're interested in:
    • [-] Field Ride Along
      [-] Aerial Ride Along
      [X] Both
  • 2.2 What is the reasoning behind your ride along?: Applying to the fire department and interested to see what a day in the life of a fire fighter is like.
    2.3 Are you interested in joining the LSFD?: Yes, I have posted an application already.
    2.4 Do you have any previous ride along experience?: No.

3. Personal Liability Waiver & Release Form
  • 3.0 - Personal Liability Waiver & Release Form:
    As a condition precedent to being permitted to ride as a Ride-Along with the Los Santos Fire Department, I the undersigned, waive any claim I may have against the Los Santos Fire Department for any loss of life, bodily injury, property damage or any other claim whatsoever that I may sustain as a result of my Ride Along. I further agree that this waiver of liability by me is binding on my legal representatives, heirs, and successors, and shall have the same legal effect as I have agreed to herein. I also understand that the Los Santos Fire Department may waive my right to a Ride Along for any reason and at any time, especially should I be in violation of the regulations set. Having that said, I adhere to the regulations set by the Los Santos Fire Department.
  • 3.1 Full Name (Sign): MatthewHobbs
    3.2 Full Name (Print): MATTHEW HOBBS
    3.3 DATE: 13/JAN/2022

4. Legal Guardian / Parental Consent
  • 4.0 To be filled out by a parent/legal guardian. Leave blank if you are over the age of 18.

    4.1 First Name:
    4.2 Last Name:
    4.3 Date of Birth:
  • 4.4 Place of Residency-
    4.4.1 Address:
    4.4.2 City:
    4.4.3 State:
  • 4.5 Relationship to Applicant
    • [-] Mother
      [-] Father
      [-]Other: (specify)
  • 4.6 Do you, as a legal guardian / parent give consent for the applicant to take part in LSFD's Ride Along program?
    • [-] Yes
      [-] No

Re: Matthew Hobbs - Ride Along Request

Posted: 13 Jan 2022, 15:38
by James Reinhart

Mr. Hobbs,

Thank you for showing interest in the Los Santos Fire Department's Ride-Along Program, your application to take part in this program has been received. You will now undergo a background check through the local police department before any further action is taken. This process can take up to 48 hours, we ask that you remain patient during this time and you will be informed on the progress of your application within due course.

Fire Captain I James Reinhart

Re: Matthew Hobbs - Ride Along Request [Pending Background Review]

Posted: 13 Jan 2022, 15:40
by James Reinhart

Mr. Hobbs,

Thank you for showing interest in the Los Santos Fire Department's Ride-Along Program and we are most pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to take part in the program. Your Ride Along privileges will expire in 3 weeks. In order to attend a ride-along, head to Station 7 in El Burro Heights and request a ride-along from a Firefighter I+. Best of luck!

Fire Captain I James Reinhart