[JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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[JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Randy Sikes » 03 Aug 2021, 02:22


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Welcome to the 37th edition of the Los Santos Fire Department Monthly Newsletter. After much of the positive feedback on last month's newsletter was received, we end July with the same formatting and styling of the newsletter similar to last month with a very small change added to it. As you may have seen from the legend above, the Public Relations Division has made a few small adjustments when it comes to the newsletter, as we rename the Divisional Updates block to Miscellaneous, which will be used for more generalized stuff in the future.

In terms of the department, the start of July was hot and quiet in terms of news. While the summer weather has really heated up the atmosphere of Los Santos, the department has seen a decrease in the amount of 911 calls compared to June, along with that, an increase in the amount of firefighters that were actively on duty and assisting with those calls. Other departments were very happy in terms of response times for the Los Santos Fire Department and whilst the month may have seen hectic from the perspective of some firefighters, it brought out a lot of positives.

We did see, in July, a lot of fires, primarily chains of arson and general neglect. However, we did not see any major wildfires that may have threatened the residency of Los Santos. However, meteorologists and forestry scientist do predict that there may be an increase of wildfires coming this August within San Andreas. This is also why the State of San Andreas has increased it's budget and funding when it comes to preventing forest fires, our fellow Park Rangers and State Fire Marshals are working together and working around the clock in their new fire towers, observing on their firewatch duties. Should a fire occur, we will be the first ones to know.

Along with this, the State of San Andreas has also funded the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Sherriff's Department and Los Santos Fire Department enough to each afford one Mobile Command Center which will be used for mobile command at larger operations and events, where Company Officers and above will be able to coordinate their staff and have access to all their information and computers instantly and also saving us time in setting up trauma areas or command tents as the setup is Mobile!

That concludes our monthly brief, August is predicted to be even more hotter then July, and do keep keep yourself safe, especially with the predicted wildfires.

Elise Reyna
Elise Reyna,
Director of Public Relations
Public Relations Division
Dear staff,
I am very honored to write my first Chief Message for you.
During the month of July, I've reinstated back to the department and took over the position of Chief of Staff. I would like to personally thank Chief Sikes for the great opportunity. July has been a very busy month for our department. With a rising volume of calls and the constant need for more personnel, the Training and Recruitment division worked overtime in order to make this recruitment wave successful with 19 confirmed and potentially 23 applicants passing the recruitment process into the department. With 6 published memorandums this month, we would like to let you know that we are actively working on improving the department on a daily basis.

As the Chief of Staff, I promise you that a lot of changes will be made to improve the well-being of our personnel. Your morale and well-being are our number one priority in the office of the Chief of Staff. Some changes such as the board of appeals and the addition of a second locker room in Station 7 are only the tip of the iceberg and there is more to come.

To finalize this message I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication during the month of July and to add to that, I would like to congratulate the newly promoted people, the firefighter and probationary of the month and finally each and every one of you for passing another successful month within our department.

D . Sullivan
Deputy Chief David Sullivan,
Chief of Staff
Acting Chief of Operations


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  • 8.7.1 Radio Transmissions Regulations - It is now required to call over the radio when; Going On/Off Duty, Responding to Call.
  • Employee Ride-Alongs
    • Due to some confusion when it comes to ride-alongs we just want to clear this out: LSFD employees (including civilian staff) don't have to apply for a ride along if they are interested in participating in one. All you need to do is to ask the approval of the highest member on duty from the company / station you want to ride with.
  • 3.7 Panic Alarms
    • All departmental radio devices come with a low-profile orange button on top of the radio itself and the handheld microphone. When under distress, employees may push the button to send a department-wide signal to dispatch with their location based on the GPS location of the vehicle assigned to the member.

      (( Note that panic buttons must be roleplayed before pressing the button via a simple /me or /ame. ))
  • (( Roleplay Quality Guide ))
    • (( A Roleplay Quality Guide was created by Command to hopefully give a deep dive and insight into how to better off your roleplay in general. We highly suggest giving it a read. ))
  • A change in command
    • During early July, the player of Freya Bell / Nicole Schneider (maf) stepped down from their positions within the Fire Department as Assistant Chief, with that a newly appointed Deputy Chief David Sullivan (Sharvit) came back to the LSFD to help with Faction Management. The Public Relations Division thanks maf for all their service within the Los Santos Fire Department and welcomes Sharvit back with fully open arms.
  • Badges or avatars?
    • During July, command opened a vote to bring up the discussion of what type of Forum Avatars we would use, the choice being between the current badges we use versus the style of badges PD/SD/SAPR use. If you have not voted yet, we suggest casting your vote!
  • Duty logs for probationary members
    • Training & Recruitment have changed the policy of duty logs to no longer be considered a requirement in order to pass probation. If you enjoy that component of your role play, of course we'll still have that section of the forum open to anyone who wishes to continue using them.
  • Bugged uniforms
    • Since the new GTA 5 update has added more clothing, this means that most if not all of our uniform ID's are outdated, if you found yourself to be a victim of having broken clothing, you have two options; you can either /fixoutfits and the server will fix it for you or you can manually fix it yourself. But you cannot chose both, you can only pick one option as otherwise it'll bug out your clothing even further. The Command Staff will be updating all the clothing guides to match the updated clothing IDs.
  • Coroners and sending bodies to the morgue
    • During peak hours when there are Coroners online but are not able to get to your scene and are leaving you stuck there for a lengthy period of time, /sendtomorgue will now send a request through to them, which they can choose to accept when they're too busy to arrive themselves, people should first attempt to PM a Coroner before using this for common courtesy. We'd like to remind people about the small amount of numbers when it comes to Coroners and have you reminded about how we also aren't always able to attend our many calls, as such, remember to be understanding and allow them some amount of time to be able to respond. Abusing this could lead to action taken against you on an OOC basis.
  • PHMC's change of policy
    • If a patient wishes to go to Pillbox Hill Medical Center for Roleplay Purposes or just general immersion, regardless of if PHMC has space or not, they will no longer divert you, instead the radio phrase "Dr. Smith" will be used to inform you that it will instead be NPC'd at Pillbox Hill.
  • Vanilla vehicles
    • We've been given 5 vanilla fire engines for the time being while the crash testing is ongoing, we have AE7, AE3, AE1, AE6 and AE4, each number to match the station, you can spawn these through the faction garage. ELS is also disabled so if you want to leave your lights on during a scene, have 1 person enter and then exit the vehicle with lights/sirens on (E).
This month we recognize the following people for their advancement in the department, we offer our congratulations and wish them the best of luck in their newly assigned positions!
Probationary Firefighter to Firefighter I
Grant Weston
Emily Khan
Diana Simmons
Jessica Wang
Jasper Hewson
Lydia Concord

Firefighter I to Firefighter II
Thomas Versace
Alyx Ross

Firefighter II to Firefighter III
Arnold Angel
Roman Keighley
Rodney Woods
Probationary EMT to EMT
Robert Ozolins
Elroy Hammond
Monika Leikvoll
Amber Morgan

Paramedic I to Paramedic II
Crystal Robinson
Winona Rosen
Trainee Lifeguard to Lifeguard
Nicholas Knight

Lifeguard to Lifeguard Captain
Anna Margosian
Sara Evans

Lifeguard Section Chief to Lifeguard Chief
Lilith Seong
Civilian Staff (Tier II) to Civilian Staff (Tier III)
Kiera Lance
Captain II to Battalion Chief
Gary Young
. Image
Firefighter I Emily Khan
Firefighter I Jasper Hewson
. Image
Firefighter III James Reinhart
Lifeguard Arnold Angel
. Image
Trainee Lifeguard Rico Marshall
Lifeguard Captain Sara Evans
Firefighter III Isaiah King
Paramedic I Winona Rosen
Engineer Lyla Avery
Firefighter III Skilla Taagapoa
Firefighter III Sarah Foley
Firefighter III Lucas Morel
Captain I Kevin Dorsey
Captain I Clarke MacKay
Captain II Patrycja Lipska
Captain II Jess Williams
Battalion Chief Gary Young

Made with ❤️ by the Public Relations Division .
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  • Recruitment for Public Relations is currently OPEN.
    • The Public Relations division for the Los Santos Fire Department is a crucial yet often understated part of any strongly functioning fire department. In modern times there are fire services across the country being privatized, and with other government agencies in action where we reside, we’re also at war for funding! It’s important to show our worth for these reasons, alongside recruitment efforts. Creating interest and educating the public is one of our greatest assets.
  • Recruitment for Air Operations is currently OPEN.
    • The LSFD Air Operations Division is responsible for deploying air units to Search and Rescue missions, Fire & Rescue calls, and emergency medical incidents in order to minimize response time and the Fire Department's ability to rescue victims due in special circumstances. In order for a Firefighter to pilot and receive a Pilot's License, they must undergo training from an instructor or above. This division has set rules and requirements in order for a firefighter to apply and receive the proper training.

Made with ❤️ by the Public Relations Division .

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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Leonardo Holman » 03 Aug 2021, 02:28

Congratulations everyone!

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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Lucas Morel » 03 Aug 2021, 02:30

Congrats, and amazing newsletter!

Jim Leatham
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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Jim Leatham » 03 Aug 2021, 02:33

Great newsletter, congratulations to everyone.
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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Alyxndra Greyan » 03 Aug 2021, 02:38

Awesome newsletter! Love the photos! Congrats everyone :D
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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Lance Gauss » 03 Aug 2021, 02:46

Those helicopter shots look cool, wonder who was flying them... Probably a pretty cool guy. Awesome newsletter! Congrats all!!

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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Keira Lance » 03 Aug 2021, 02:54

Congratulations, everyone! Proud of you all.

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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Nolan Medrano » 03 Aug 2021, 03:08

Congrats everyone!
especially Gary who will do awesome.

N. Medrano
Director of Training & Recruitment


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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Oliver Torres » 03 Aug 2021, 03:42

Congrats, amazing QUOKKA and EM
Station 3

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Re: [JUL 2021] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Madison Steyer » 03 Aug 2021, 03:52

congratulations everyone, seriously. you guys are what makes this faction great and i cant wait to see you all again when my LOA is over!

much love. <3
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