[FEB 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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[FEB 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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Los Santos Fire Department
Monthly Bulletin Newsletter #20 - February 2020
Opening Statement
Firefighter Life
Fire Prevention
Brief History: Fire Station 7
Featured Member
Recipe of the Month
Staff Statistics
Chief's Statement

Opening Statement
Hello and welcome to our twentieth newsletter!

Can you believe it? We've had twenty of these! Throughout the month of February we have seen many new faces come into the department with the recruitment drive of early February. Let's give some praise to the hard work of the Training and Recruitment division! With many new roles opening up within the department, we are really hoping to expand our reaches even further in the San Andreas area to provide top notch medical and fire services to the citizens of this great state. We're just one call away to assist you!

In this month's newsletter we continue to spread our fire prevention awareness initiative. Also, take a look at the life of an everyday firefighter. We will also be featuring similar contents of previous newsletter that would include: a featured member and a featured division along with much more! There are many big plans for the department for this upcoming March. So be sure to stayed tuned!

We wish you all a prosperous and safe future!

Firefighter Life
The adventurous life of a firefighter can be almost described as a see-saw in comparison to the average person. You have an opportunity to live with everlasting memories that you would experience on a day to day basis while on the job.Throughout the firefighter journey you will have many acquaintances. These acquaintances you may never get the name of, and you may never hear their story. You may never come across the same person twice, it is a very high possibility. But through this one moment, it is up to you to save this stranger's life. You may have no idea why they were placed into the position they are in. But it's almost like you were placed there as an angel to save this stranger's life. It's all up to you, whether this person gets a second chance. Sounds pressuring, doesn't it? This is just a small fraction of the pressure that a firefighter may feel daily. The truth is, it's not easy. But you live every day for those moments that you can give that person a second chance at life. Every single call, you would do it all over again, just to give them the slightest opportunity. But mind you, you also have to live with the losses that happen on the job. This is the hard part of the job. Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort, nobody can judge effort. Because effort is between you and you. If you know you did your all to assist someone in need, then you did perfectly fine. You did your part. Effort and dedication is what the job is entitled to. If you give your best effort forward, you can be the difference someone needs.

The reason why most may say the job is full-filling is for the same reasons stated above. If situations work out in your favor, than you gave an opportunity to a mother, father, son, or a daughter to go home to his/her family. You. Made. The. Difference. The mental strength that our firefighters have to do their job well, does not get enough admiration that it deserves. It's a different mentality. Your will to succeed, because these situations are life or death. Plan B, isn't always an option. You strive until your plan A works. Much of this work does go unnoticed in the public eye. Any firefighter that has served for this great state or nation deserve the biggest pat on their back. It's not an easy job, it's only for the strongest. And each firefighter of the Los Santos Fire Department have the tenacious will and power to keep moving forward. For you, to get to your family safe. Saving one household at a time, or multiple if required. The Los Santos Fire Department /WILL/ get the job done.

Fire Prevention
Not every hero may wear a cape or even a uniform. You may see these people without even batting an eye. It's your average person. Why are these people potentially considered a hero? Because they made one decision that prevented a fire, or even a carbon monoxide death. They prevent these things by installing the proper equipment within their household or business.
"keep (something) from happening or arising."
These heroes directly improve the statistics that riddle our nation. By taking precautionary measures, they are directly preventing catastrophic events for their families, and also families surrounding them. Generational preservation is something each family focuses on. Every single decision made is the enable the longevity of your family line. You want your kids safe, as well as the rest of your family. Just by taking a few moments to replace batteries in a smoke detector, just by buying a new carbon monoxide alarm. You can be a hero. The most fire related deaths are a cause directly by the lack of working fire systems in a building. That one alarm at 3:00 AM can be the biggest difference in saving a life. That one single trip to the hardware store, is all it takes. It's priceless. So, become a hero and make sure you take the approriate steps with protecting your family.

If you have any questions you can contact the Fire Marshals. They are here to educate and serve your community. You can find more information here.

Brief History: Fire Station 7
Fire Station 7 Image This month, we will be taking a in depth look into the history of the Fire Department, with a focus on the El Burro's Fire Station 7. This is currently the main operating station for the inner city areas of Los Santos, as well as the districts surrounding Los Santos. You might even learn something new!

The first records in the history of our department begin in the year of 1869, however, didn't become effective until 1871, when we utilized a volunteer squad of firemen organized by the current County Clerk of Los Santos under the name ‘Engine Company No. 1’. Throughout the time period of 1871 to 1971, the Los Santos Fire Department became a necessary cornerstone for the communities of Los Santos. With the baby boom between 1946 and 1964, there was a very important need for additional emergency services around the state of San Andreas. Because of the dense population spike throughout these communities, the state wide governments started to expand the budgets to establish more fire stations throughout Los Santos and the San Andreas area. The scalability of having multiple stations be established within a short period of time was a daunting task but was definitely proven necessary. From 1979 and on, the newly established fire stations provided an increase in employment numbers in the state, while additionally providing a top tier service to Los Santos. Fire Station 7 was built and put into service in the year of 1980.

Fire Station 7 was proven to be a smart decision for the city as the station is strategically placed near the Los Santos freeway for easy access for the multitude of calls that the station may receive. The year of 1986 was a perfect example of how great a decision it was to have Fire Station 7.

In the spring of 1986, one of the most catastrophic fires in United States history hit the city of Los Santos. The Fire occurred at the Los Santos Central Library. Fire and library experts had been warning for years that, should a fire occur, it would be catastrophic, destroy everything, both contents and the structure. Taking that warning, the city elected to in place fire precautions such as fire alarms, and smoke detectors while working closely with the Los Santos Fire Department for continuous fire drills every few months. The library was open when an audio smoke detector alarm rang at 10:52 a.m. on April 29, 1986. Because of the proximity, Station 7 staff were one of the firsts on scene. Thanks to the efforts made by the city, firefighters from Station 7 were able to properly evacuate all 400 patrons and employees out of the building. None were hurt.

It was a battle against heat from the flames, steam from the water, and congested areas in the stacks. Hot spots continued to be found in the piles of burned books up to five days after the fire was extinguished. After seven hours and 38 minutes, a "knock-down" was declared at 6:30 p.m. Ultimately, 400,000 volumes - 20 percent of the library's holdings - were destroyed. No fatalities of LSFD personnel were reported, but 50 were treated for injuries. Twenty-eight of these were transported to medical facilities and all recovered.

There was only one minor civilian injury (he tripped over a water hose.)

Because of the hard-work and swift effort of the firefighters from Fire Station 7, priceless lives were saved. And with the efforts by the entire workforce of the Los Santos Fire Department, further damage was prevented and most of the library's possessions were saved. Although the city suffered a great loss, the firefighters from Station 7 made history.

Featured Member
Each month we give a member of the Los Santos Fire Department the opportunity to feature in our Newsletter, telling us a bit about themselves, where they're from, what they do and where they plan to go.

Huck was born in Sweeney General Hospital, Liberty City on Independence Day. July 4, 1975, to a baker and a mechanic. Growing up was a constant struggle, as Huck and his family were always moving from cheap housing to cheap housing, but because of this, he never got used to having the luxuries many people had. Huck learned to live with what he had and accept that life is the way life is. Even while struggling to pay rent, Huck's parents sent him to school. He worked his way through it all, graduating highschool in April of 1992.

After this, Huck took a break, working part time gigs with his father as a mechanic until he had enough to pay for college, which at the time was a big deal. He got in to a nursing program and finished his first semester before the accident. Robbery gone wrong they said; both his parents both got shot in the process. Paying for the funerals and now rent and bills drained all his savings, and he couldn't afford college after his first semester, making it so he had to to drop out.

From there Huck worked part time jobs until June of 1998 when he joined the United States army as a light infantryman. He was stationed in Liberty City for three years until the attack on the word trade center on September 11, 2001. He was deployed on October 19, 2001, as part of the 75th Ranger Regiment in the 3rd Battalion. On this date, Huck parachuted out of an MC-130 over the skies of Afghanistan in Operation Rhino. From there, he took part of many other operations with the rangers. Mainly Objective Gecko, Wolverine, Raptor and the Battle of Abbas Ghar. In the years that Huck rotated being deployed, he helped patch up many field injuries, leading him into the position that he is in today.

In 2008, Huck left the military and moved from place to place, getting by with what he had and some part time jobs. Eventually settling down on in the outskirts of Sandy Shores in LS. He spent years up there before coming down to the city for a recruitment drive for the LSFD. After talking to the good people in the department, he learned of the volunteer program, and he decided it was best for him.

Huck had this to say about what hes learned throughout his life and what he feels his duty is.
Huck Dickens wrote:In my years, I've seen the brutality of war, and the craziness of this country. I know I can keep a level head in situations that need it, and my experiences would help with that. I just want to make sure people are safe. I suppose I am a bit of a stubborn old bat when it comes down to it, as I can't accept not being able to save people. I will do whatever I can if there is even the smallest chance.
In closure, Huck had this last message to the department.
Huck Dickens wrote:My message for the other FD members would be to keep your head up. Get through all the crazy scenes you see and live on to the next day. The people of LS rely on us in their most troubling times, and I know we are all capable enough to help them all. Joining this department has been a turning point in my life, and I hope I can keep it going with you all for a while longer. Stay safe, and stay proud LSFD.

Recipe of the Month
Cooking is an important part of a firefighter's life when at the station. Each month, we'll highlight a great recipe worth trying during a shift at the station!

We will be teaching you how to make Buffalo Chicken Tenders!

Buffalo Sauce Ingredients
  • 2/3 cup Franks Red Hot pepper sauce
  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
Buffalo Sauce Directions
  • Bring all the ingredients to a boil in a saucepan while whisking.
  • Once boiling and incorporated turn off the heat.
  • Cut the chicken breasts into four tenders each and soak them in a bowl with the buttermilk and hot sauce for 30 minutes.
  • Add the eggs to one bowl and the flour and spices to a second bowl.
  • Dip each piece of chicken from the buttermilk bowl to the flour mixture.
  • Dip it into the eggs then back into the flour mixture.
  • Shake excess flour gently off and put the chicken onto a baking sheet.
  • Repeat with all the pieces.
  • Heat the oil (three inches deep) in a dutch oven on medium high heat to 350 degrees.
  • Fry the chicken in small batches for 5-7 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Dip the tenders into the sauce and serve immediately.

At the end of the month Firefighters are awarded for their work and dedication towards the Los Santos Fire Department and service towards the community. Below can be found the recognised members of the Fire Department and their awards.

This award is obtainable by being voted as the Firefighter of the Month in monthly Supervisory discussions. This month we are proud to award Firefighter of the Month - February 2020 to Firefighter II Rachel Campbell. Congratulations!

In contrast to Firefighter of the Month, this award is given in recognition of outstanding performance shown during Firefighter Probation. This month we award Rookie of the Month - February 2020 to Firefighter I Margarita Cruz. Congratulations!

This award is given to those who have successfully served the Los Santos Fire Department for three consecutive months.

We would like to congratulate Engineer Bernie Jacknall, Engineer Talon Cross, and Firefighter III Leonidas Voss for serving in the Los Santos Fire Department for three consecutive months.

This award is given to those who have successfully passed the Advanced Life Support training and examination.

We would like to congratulate Engineer Talon Cross and Firefighter II Samantha Love for passing the Advanced Life Support examination.

This award is given to those who have successfully passed the Fire and Rescue examination.

We would like to congratulate Firefighter I Margarita Cruz and Probationary Firefighter Chase Pierce for passing the Fire and Rescue examination.

This award is given to those who have enlisted into the Public Relations Division.

We would like to congratulate Firefighter I Margarita Cruz on enlisting into the Public Relations Division.

This award is given to those who have enlisted in the Training and Recruitment Division.

We would like to congratulate Firefighter I Rachel Campbell for enlisting into the Training and Recruitment Division.

This award is given to those who have enlisted in the Maritime Division.

We would like to congratulate Engineer Laura Murphy and Firefighter III Leonidas Voss for enlisting into the Maritime Division.

This award is given to those who have enlisted into the Air Operations Division.

We would like to congratulate Firefighter II Samantha Love on enlisting into the Air Operations Division.

This award is given to those who have successfully been internally promoted to the Management Team of the Public Relations Division.

We would like to congratulate Firefighter II Rudy McLemore on being promoted to Assistant Director of the Public Relations division.

To the end of every month members who are due a promotion are discussed by all Supervisory members of the Los Santos Fire Department. Members who have shown dedication, enthusiasm, maturity and have completed the requirements of their rank, are recommended for promotion before Chiefs of the department make the final decision. Below are the members who have successfully received promotions!

Firefighter I to Firefighter II
Rachel Campbell
Olivia Taylor

Firefighter II to Firefighter III
Rudy McLemore

Firefighter III to Engineer
Leonidas Voss
Ashleigh Huston
Sterling Arnold

Engineer to Fire Lieutenant I
Bernie Jacknall

Fire Lieutenant II to Fire Captain
Aaron Garland

Fire Captain to Battalion Chief
Nicole Schneider

Congratulations and best of luck to all members in their new positions.

Staff Statistics

Below is listed our current number of members at each rank in the Los Santos Fire Department.

High Command Staff
Fire Chief: 1
Deputy Chiefs: 1

Command Staff
Battalion Chief: 2
Fire Captain: 3

Supervisory Staff
Fire Lieutenant II: 2
Fire Lieutenant I: 1

Non-Command Staff
Engineer: 6
Firefighter III: 2
Firefighter II: 3
Firefighter I: 5
Probationary Firefighters: 12
Volunteer Firefighters: 2

Total members: 41

Chief's Statement
Fire Chief Issac Hunter wrote: Hello, everyone!

First off, I want to thank everyone for their hard work this month for the department. We've made strides this month in order to improve our internal efficiency by introducing the Support Services Division. They will be responsible for the maintenance of our vehicle fleet, as well as providing the city with numerous fire safety services. I think this division will be hugely successful and I am looking forward to seeing how it evolves moving forward. We have many things we're working on introducing to the department that will hopefully see the light of day in the near future. As always, congratulations to those who have been promoted.

Once again: thank you everyone!

spacer That concludes this month's bulletin. Thank you for reading,
Public Relations Division
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Re: [FEB 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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Congratulations to everyone. Well deserved.


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