[Training and Recruitment] Civilian Recruitment Staff [OPEN]

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[Training and Recruitment] Civilian Recruitment Staff [OPEN]

Post by Fire Department » 25 May 2020, 16:36

Civilian Recruitment Staff

The LSFD's Training and Recruitment Division is responsible for the Recruitment and Training of all new firefighters and staff. We Make sure only the mose exceptional applicants are allowed to join the department before giving them appropriate training to conduct their roles.

What does a member of Civilian Recruitment Staff do?

If accepted a Civilian Recruitment Staff Member will be responsible for handling and processing applications as well as running interviews for people that wish to join the department. You will be expected to liase with other members of the division as well as other departments and help to ensure that the fire department continues to thrive. This role is almost entirely paperwork based and it would suit those with a passion for organization and good people skills the best.

General Responsibilities :

1. Attracts applicants by placing job advertisements; contacting recruiters, using newsgroups and networking.
2. Builds upon applicant sources through answering questions, building awareness, holding presentations, events at locations across the state such as schools, universities, employment agencies, and media.
3. Processing Applicantions.
4. Liasing with Police Departments for Criminal Record Background Checks.
5. Scheduling and Running Interviews.
6. Voting and helping to process interviews.
7. Helping to Schedule Academy Sessions for potential firefighters.


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Re: [Training and Recruitment] Civilian Recruitment Staff [OPEN]

Post by Patrycja Lipska » 30 May 2021, 00:54

The role of Civilian Recruitment Staff has been opened again and expanded upon to include more proactive duties encouraging job seekers to consider a career in the Los Santos Fire Department.
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