[Public Relations] Civilian Positions [Member: OPEN] [Supervisor: CLOSED]

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[Public Relations] Civilian Positions [Member: OPEN] [Supervisor: CLOSED]

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Public Relations Division
Recruitment Information

Introduction & Main Duties

The Public Relations division for the Los Santos Fire Department is a crucial yet often understated part of any strongly functioning fire department. In modern times there are fire services across the country being privatized, and with other government agencies in action where we reside, we’re also at war for funding! It’s important to show our worth for these reasons, alongside recruitment efforts. Creating interest and educating the public is one of our greatest assets.

⠀Main Duties
  • Creating a social media presence and digital signature for the department.
  • Providing information to the public and press organisations regarding scenes, educational efforts and information regarding the department that would be of public interest.
  • Moderating the use of social media by our staff and firefighters alike, to be submitted to the Internal Affairs division if said social media is to be misused.
  • Capturing photography and video-work of firefighter’s daily lives and the scenes we attend for use in graphics, social media posts, press releases, training resources, etc.
  • Liaising with partnering agencies and businesses, such as the Los Santos Police and Sheriff’s Departments.
  • Organizing events such as open-houses, career fairs, fitness promotion, fire safety courses, medical courses, etc.
  • Educating young minds about what we do and why through school visits and more.
  • Creating interest around the aspect of starting a career with the department, bringing in new members to the department in collaboration with the Training and Recruitment division.
Positions and Ranking Structure
Ranking Structure
The ranking structure in Public Relations is tiered, you will start as tier one which is effectively a probationary member, after good effort shown and capability, you may advance to becoming tier two.

Tier two is is considered a standard member of the division, someone who has proved they're capable and put in work, they'll be able to explore their field in full capacity.

Tier three are Public Information Officers, they're members who've shown exceptional work and are trusted in working all aspects of Public Relations, not a specific field.

Lastly in the structure, there is Public Relations Command, consisting of the Director and Associate Director, they approve everything that goes in and out of the division from event requests to applications to join, social media posts, press releases, and more.

Alongside the usual members, the Fire Chief of the department is considered an acting member of Public Relations and supersedes Public Relations Command, they're able to execute Public Relations duty without limitation and are only expected to inform us.

  • Public Relations Member [OPEN]

    Members are responsible for working with the public and getting the word of the department out there, creating interest with the community. Their typical responsibilities would be creating Materials, events, liaising with other agencies and organisations, gathering as much information on scenes to relay to on-scene press when accompanied by a Public Information Officer, and to gather photography of the department at work.
  • Public Relations Supervisor [CLOSED]

    Supervisors are responsible for making sure that regular members are keeping up with their assignments. But, also helping guide members and moderating the division and processing applications as well as reporting back to the directors, they are responsible for running certifying members in specific fields and assisting directors within their workload.
Application Submission
Application Process

To apply as a new member of the department as civilian staff in the Public Relations division, please post a new thread in this forum following the application format which can be found here. Please make sure to state which role you are applying for in the application! We wish you the best of luck with your application, which will be seen to within 48 hours!