[Application] Michael Harris [Support Services] [Received]

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[Application] Michael Harris [Support Services] [Received]

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Application for Support Services Civilian Employment

Section 1 - Personal Information
1.1 Title: Mr.
1.2 First name: Michael
1.3 Middle name: N/A
1.4 Last name: Harris

1.5 Date of Birth: 09/09/1996
1.6 Contact Number: 2808
1.7 Email Address: [email protected]
1.8 Place of Birth: Houston
1.9 Residential Address: San Andreas Avenue - Floor2 - Room 3
1.10 Height: 6'2 ft
1.11 Weight: 168 Pounds

1.12 Do you have impairments or deficiencies? If yes, explain in detail:
Answer: No.

1.13 Do you have a medical record? If so, elaborate:
Answer: No.

1.14 Do you have any medical conditions that could hinder your duties as an LSFD employee?
Answer: No.

1.15 Are you right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous? (Mark with X)
[X] Right-handed
[ ] Left-handed
[ ] Ambidextrous

1.16 Which position are you applying for?
[X] Mechanic
[ ] Technician
[ ] Engineer (Both)

1.17 Do you have any previous experience in the field in which you are applying to?
Answer: Yes, I have

1.18 What qualifications or skills can you bring to the department in your chosen position?
Answer: I used to work on a vehicle that require a maintenance and with my experiences I am confident to work on LSFD's vehicle.

Section 2 - Education
2.1 Educational History
2.1.1 Name of High School: Eastwood Academy
2.1.2 Year of Graduation: 2014

2.2 Name of College/University: N/A
2.2.1 Qualification: N/A
2.2.2 Year of Graduation: N/A

Section 3 - Previous Employment

3.1 Have you ever worked for any Government Agency before? If yes, which one?
Answer: No.

3.2 Do you have any experience or previous employment history with any Medical/Rescue/Fire Agency?
Answer: No.

3.3 Do you have a history in Military Service? If so, elaborate:
Answer: No.

3.4 List any previous employments below: (Use "N/A" for the remaining templates if necessary)

3.4a.1 Name of Company/Employer: Gorman's Auto
3.4a.2 Period of Employment: 30/JUL/2021 to 10/OCT/2021
3.4a.3 Position: Mechanic
3.4a.4 Reason for dismissal: Resignation

3.4b.1 Name of Company/Employer: N/A
3.4b.2 Period of Employment: N/A
3.4b.3 Position: N/A
3.4b.4 Reason for dismissal: N/A

Section 4 - Licenses, Permits and Background

4.1 Do you possess a valid driver's license?
[X] Yes
[ ] No

4.2 Are you a lawful citizen of the state of San Andreas?
[X] Yes
[ ] No

4.3 Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, elaborate:
Answer: No.

(( Section 5 - OOC Section ))

5.1 Forum name: Ayale
5.2 Age: 20
5.3 Geographical location: Jakarta, Indonesia
5.4 Timezone: GMT +7
5.5 Character ID: 34395
5.6 Discord ID: Raizel#7969

5.7 How long have you been on GTAW?: June 2020 until now
5.8 How long have you been roleplaying in total?: 7 years
5.9 How active do you plan to be if invited to the LSFD? 2 until 3 hours per day

5.10 Additional languages: German

5.11 Have you ever been in another official faction? If yes, list them and their ranks:
Answer: N/A

5.12 Are you currently banned from LSPD/GOV? If yes, elaborate:
Answer: No

5.13 Post a screenshot of your administrative record for every character that you have:
Link(s): https://imgur.com/a/J0w8MBA

5.14 Additional notes:
Answer: N/A

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Re: [Application] Michael Harris [Support Services] [Received]

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Application Received

Dear Michael Harris,

Thank you for submitting your application to the Los Santos Fire Department Support Services Division. Your application has been RECEIVED.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your application to be reviewed and evaluated by our division command team. We'll make sure to give you a response within 72 hours from this moment, please do not contact the division during this time period. We really appreciate your interest in the division, for this reason in the eventuality you should not receive a response within the 72 hours time period, please contact the division command via email.

Captain I, Lyla Avery
Commanding Officer
Support Services Division

Fire Captain I, Lyla Avery
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