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Re: [Lifeguard Recruitment] Questions and Answers

Posted: 14 Nov 2021, 15:51
by Jennifer Schneider
Angel Vega wrote:
14 Nov 2021, 15:05
(( Heya! I was thinking for some time now... If I would create a character that is around like 18-22 and she would be an ULSA student (even if that would mean I would have to NPC being in the ULSA faction cause we cannot join two facs at once), could that said character join as a volunteer Lifeguard as a "seasonal job"? Volunteers do not get paid, which is the point of volunteering but... I just do not want to apply full-time to just RP quitting when the season is over you know? I would feel like I am taking up space that could be used for someone who wants to roleplay full-time 24/7... so the question is: What do you think would be the right path for this? Volunteer and RP as part-time/seasonal contract or Full-Time (career) and RP it as part-time/seasonal contract? ))

Unfortunately, you can't be in two factions at once. To be a student you have to be a part of the ULSA faction. We don't have any programs with them at the moment. And we don't offer part-time roles unless you're already in the Fire Department.

Hope that answered your question.))