Safe Harbor Initiative

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Rudy McLemore
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What is the Safe-Haven Law?

Allows a parent to legally surrender newborn infants 7 days old or younger at a hospital or manned fire station without facing criminal prosecution. The purpose of the law is to prevent infanticide and newborn abandonment, and while parents who act within their state's time limit to surrender their newborn are generally free from being charged with abandonment, the receiving agency or organization must determine the baby is in good health and unharmed, as well.

How is this applied with the LSFD?

The Los Santos Fire Department will be taking this law a step further with accepting the surrender of newborn infants and puppies as a way to combat the negligence of both infant and dogs alike. On top of that, we will be offering our doors open to all that may require any form of assistance. At the Los Santos Fire Department, we would like to provide a safe place that all have the ability to seek shelter to. Whether it be personal such as an abusive relationship, drug addiction. Or even shelter from nature related incidents such as weather storms. We will be offering a no judgement welcome to all whom seek shelter. If you have an issue. Please contact us on our landline at 3-3-3, or make a visit down to Fire Station 7(El Burro Station).

((Credits to Bernie for the idea))
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