(( Important: Read before applying! ))

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(( Important: Read before applying! ))

Post by David Sullivan » 04 Sep 2021, 23:07

This topic will serve as a message to outline the faction's expectations for future applicants. We will explain the goals and expectations we set as a faction and give you a better understanding of what we're looking for in the characters that choose to join us.

First and most important: realistic characters. Players who choose to join this faction need to understand that this faction is revolved and portrayed mostly off of the Los Angeles Fire Department. A lot of what we do, how we do and how we look is based off of the LAFD and along with that, we adopt a lot of other California-esque qualities and traditions into the faction. Some of the aspects of the faction are also taken off of the LACoFD due to the fact that we also have to serve the Los Santos County as the only fire department faction on the server. But the vast majority of the faction's operations method, organization, protocols and procedures are based off of the LAFD. Which is why we also take into account the LAFD statistics and characteristics when encouraging players to join the faction.

We are looking for players who are willing to accept the task of roleplaying a big-city Fire Department located in California and all that comes with it; we believe that having normal characters is normal for a reason. Your characters shouldn't of been born in Moscow in order to stand out and be unique, being local is just as unique if you make it out to be.

- The LAFD is 45.5% White, 33.2% Latino, 7.9% Asian, 6.4% African American and the vast majority were born in the US. Of course we do not discriminate IC'ly or OOC'ly towards immigrant characters but we will scrutinize any and all unique character stories to make sure they fall in line with the faction's expectations. If you do choose to roleplay an immigrant character, make sure the story is realistic and remember that getting a US citizenship is a lengthy and tiring process. Roleplay it accordingly.

- Another statistic to keep in mind is that the LAFD is 6.4% female and 90.6% male. (The rest is undefined). The same applies here, we will never deny you based on your character's gender but this is another thing to keep in mind when creating a character to join the faction.

- If you wish to roleplay ex-military, be sure to keep it somewhat basic. An ex-Army Ranger or a Navy SEAL probably won't join the local Fire Department.

- Roleplaying characters with past medical/firefighting experience: this is something we heavily discourage. It wouldn't make any sense for an ex-Paramedic to apply for a fresh start in a new department. Even if you come with real-life knowledge, your character probably won't have it. Roleplaying a rookie is a big part of your character, embrace it instead of trying to avoid it. Characters coming in with previous medical/firefighting experience risk the chance of being declined on an OOC basis for poor character.

Secondly, we do not expect anyone to come in with medical or firefighting knowledge on an OOC basis. Our recruitment phases and field training program will give you all of the knowledge you need to be able to roleplay in our faction. We offer a lot of material and handbook to provide you with all of the information you need, so there is no need to worry. We do however heavily encourage you to do your own research into American Fire Departments, how they operate, how they work and who they are. American Fire Departments are big on tradition and do a lot of things simply because 'that's how it's been done for years', among other qualities. That will only improve your immersion and roleplay quality among other players in the faction.

Good luck to all those who are applying. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions regarding the standards laid out in this topic.

Best regards and thank you for reading,