(( [Reinstatement] Molly Steele > Michael Emery [Accepted] ))

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(( [Reinstatement] Molly Steele > Michael Emery [Accepted] ))

Post by Michael Emery » 14 Jan 2022, 21:44

Reinstatement Application
Section I - Personal Information
1.1 First Name: Michael

1.2 Last Name: Emery

1.3 Birthdate: Jan 21, 1990 (32)

1.4 Gender: Male

1.5 Phone Number: 34350714

1.6 Address of Residency: Pink Cage Motel Room 5A, Hawick Avenue, Los Santos, SA.

Section II - Employment History
2.1 Former Rank: ((Deputy Chief - Chloe MacKenzie / Captain II - Molly Steele))

2.2 Date inducted: ((06/JUL/2018))

2.3 Date of Resignation/Termination: ((21 APR 2021))

2.4 Reason: ((Resignation))

2.5 Desired Rank: ((You guys know me so it really is where you think I'd enjoy the roleplay, and bring fun to the faction, and I'll adjust my character's story accordingly. How-ever I have got a real inkling for Truckie RP, I'd like to bring a Truck culture to the faction, so if you guys have any Truckie positions that need filling - I'd not mind trying that out.))

Section III- Employment Information
3.1 Why should Los Santos Fire Department accept your reinstatement ?:
((I absolutely loved roleplaying with the LSFD. I've had several different characters with many different roles across divisions, stations and ranks so I've got more than my fair share of experience (as well as a real life interest). I often get asked to come back because people say they enjoyed my enthusiasm and what I brought to the faction (which I really appreciate by the way - thank you guys!). ))

3.2 Why do you wish to rejoin the Fire Department?:
((I'm looking to game again so I have an excuse to take a little break from my work. Quite honestly some of the best gaming I've had is one in a community that I really bonded with and have so much experience in. I take a lot of interest in what we roleplay in GTA World's LSFD and there's no other Firefighting game experience quite like it - it's so much fun! I'm also eager to introduce my 'way of playing' to some of the new members of LSFD. ))

3.3 What have you been doing since your discharge from the department?:
((Working to build my entertainment platform. I've now taken on new videographers, setup a new platform and have spent several months in different locations across the UK filming! This does mean how-ever there may be weeks or months where I'm extremely busy (particularly around summer, autumn and Christmas). ))

Section IV - Declaration & Statement
By submitting this request, I, Michael Emery, hereby certify that all questions contained in this document were met with truthful statements. I fully authorize investigation of any content shared on this document. I am aware that lying, omitting, plagiarizing or maliciously adulterating this application will result in immediate denial and indefinite ban from future recruitment drives. I hereby declare that I understand that the Los Santos Fire Department's acting Chief officer may discharge me at will with or without cause and that I may resign from the department at any time. I acknowledge that I must participate in an academy or private training session and pass a written exam before practicing any medical practices. In the event of employment, it is further acknowledged that I may not exercise any medical practices or techniques that were not taught in academical sessions, for it would be practice of illegitimate medical practice, if it is legally proven that I have done such I agree and understand that it may be used against and face dishonorable discharges plus criminal charges.

Date: 14/JAN/2022

Section V - OOC Information
5.1 Please provide an IC background story for your character (200 words minimum):
Michael 'Mikey' Emery was born to parents George and Lorraine Emery at Las Venturas Hospital in 'The City of Fortunes', Las Venturas. He grew up in the nearby desert town of Fort Carson, Bone County playing outdoors, helping his dad, riding bikes and listening to music. Frequently Mike visited Venturas with family, friends and as an adult often by himself on his motorcycle; staying in motels, socialising and developing a taste for the things Venturas had to offer (including a few bad habits). Mike also enjoyed travelling across the South West to Southern San Andreas on his bike where he found a particular love for coastal roadtrips.

After school Mike joined the Bone County Fire Department where he put his skills to the test and would spend over a decade working, learning and developing himself as a person. How-ever Mike's options in Bone County and the Fire Department were limited; he wanted to move to the big city with plenty of opportunities, challenges and action for an adventurous guy like him. Mike thought about moving to Las Venturas and joining the big city FD there but he knew he longed for coastal roads, mountains and beaches where he could ride his bike - so the next best option? The nearby coastal City of Angels, Los Santos!

5.2 Post an unedited screenshot of your administrative record for your account : Access


5.4.1 Are you currently in any other factions on any other characters?: No
5.4.2 If so, Please link proof of approved double faction permissions: N/A

5.5 Please provide the reasons that lead you to resign from the faction initially.
I lost motivation following the loss of a family member and the disruption of the lockdowns (It was UK Lockdown III) and instead found myself focusing on my work/social life as the restrictions began to ease.
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Re: (([Reinstatement] Molly Steele > Michael Emery))

Post by James Reinhart » 14 Jan 2022, 21:45

Reinstatement Received
Mr. Emery,

Your reinstatement application has been RECEIVED by the Los Santos Fire Department. Your reinstatement application has been forwarded to the LSFD Command Staff for review. Your application will have a response within 72 Hours. Contacting any member of the Command or High Command Staff about the reinstatement could result in the application being denied.

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Re: (([Reinstatement] Molly Steele > Michael Emery [Received]))

Post by Kurt Holland » 15 Jan 2022, 12:16

Reinstatement Accepted
Mr. Emery,

Your reinstatement to the Los Santos Fire Department has been ACCEPTED by the Command Staff. We are offering you the rank of Engineer/Paramedic. If you would like to accept or submit any questions or concerns, please privately message LSFD Management. You will receive your new badge and uniform upon the next visit to Station Seven (El Burro Heights) or Station Three (Davis) with a Command Staff member.

Kurt Holland
Battalion Chief, Los Santos Fire Department.