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This Memorial Wall is dedicated to Fire Captain Lucas Morel and has been created by Casey Harper, a Public Affairs Director with the Los Santos Fire Department. This memorial will be posted at Station Three and on our website to honour our fallen brother.
Early days
Fire Captain II K. Holland and Probationary Firefighter L. Morel. - Picture Credits: Battalion Chief K. Holland

Lucas Morel was born on the 5th of August 1988 in the city of Metz in the North-East of France, he spent a considerable amount of time in France and even collected a high school diploma. Lucas wanted something bigger and set his gaze on the United States of America, Los Santos specifically, and prepared himself for the various challenges ahead of him. The first biggest hurdle was to gain American citizenship, a mighty task was ahead of him. After many years of studying and preparing himself, he lept at the challenge, and he completed the challenge. Lucas was an American citizen, and he set his eyes on the United States Marine Corps. He served in the USMC and served for a few years until his term was up.

Lucas applied for the Los Santos Fire Department in late 2015 and was accepted to join 58 others into class 16-1, the class was run by the Training and Recruitment Division and lasted for 20 weeks, it ran the recruits through gruelling and challenging tests to become a Firefighter in Los Santos County. In the end, 42 recruits remained. Lucas and Class 16-1 went through the traditional LSFD ceremony and were assigned to Station Three located in Davis as a Probationary Firefighter on the Truck Company A shift. This is where Lucas's career at the Los Santos Fire Department kicked off.

Fire Captain Lucas Morel at his graduation event. - Picture Credits: LSFD PAU - E. Jenkins

Lucas Morel had a long and prosperous career stationed at Fire Station Three under the command of Kurt Holland and Kenneth Boyd, a Fire Captain and Battalion Chief respectively. Kurt Holland, Kenneth Boyd and Lucas remained great friends for many years. Lucas enlisted in the Urban Search and Rescue division three years into his career and was a Rescue Specialist and Rescue Diver. Later into his career in the Urban Search and Rescue Division, he was promoted to the role of Instructor and K9 Handler, he served proudly along with his four-legged friend, Ares, a Siberian Husky.

Lucas continued to progress in the Urban Search and Rescue Division, following Captain Boyd's resignation, Lucas was appointed Acting Commanding Officer by Fire Chief Gary Young, which he held for three years. During his USAR career, he attended more than 50 deployments which range from hazardous materials to search and rescue missions. Challenges are an expected thing for a Firefighter, Lucas is no stranger to them.

He breezed through his Captain Training Program and was promoted at large graduation hosted by Chief Leonardo Holman, in attendance were colleagues from the Los Santos Police. He went onto proudly serve Station Three and then to Station Seven, he led his Urban Search and Rescue Company

For people that knew Lucas, he was a kind man, he would have done anything in his power to help and assist his friends, but like all people in our profession, he faced some challenges in his life, not every call is the same nor are they always nice calls, sometimes they stick with you for the rest of your life. But Lucas didn't let these demons hold him down, hold him back from trying his hardest, he prevailed every single time and served his community proudly. No matter the challenges, no matter the cost, he did his best, even if it means saving a firefighter at the sacrifice of his own life.

This memorial will remain here at Station Three forever for generations to come in tribute to Captain Lucas Morel. Captain Morel was laid to rest on October the 15th, 2022 in a funeral organised the Public Affairs Unit. His brothers and sisters in the Urban Search and Rescue, along with San Fire's Deputy Fire Marshal Nick Deimous acted as the Honor Guard.

These images are sourced by the Public Affairs Unit, credits go to the respective owners.
Captain Lucas Morel, then Assistant Chief Leonardo Holman and Captain Emily Khan.

Captain Lucas Morel and State Fire Marshal Vincenzo Calvani.

Captain Lucas Morel at a PAU photography session.

Rose Burton, Ares ft Rose's Parrot Chaos and Lucas Morel

Lucas Morel's Final Call

"I could call Lucas a colleague, but also a good friend of mine. We served together at station three and in USAR for what felt like an eternity. It always was family, this family was very important to him, and I will never forget his kindness, bravery and open nature to things of all kinds that surprised me more times than I can count. Farewell Lucas and rest in peace, you won't be forgotten." - Fire Captain I Diana Reinhart
"Lucas was a colleague, a friend, a brother, family. We helped each other through thick and thin and we shared great memories, the nights we spent on top of Fire Station 3's tower at the end of every shift to talk freely while getting away from the commotion that took place around us remaining some of the fondest memories. May you rest in peace, brother. You will be missed! " - Fire Captain I Emily Ohara
"To say Lucas Morel was a hero of our County is an understatement, he has done so much for our city, our community and our state. Words cannot express how thankful we are for his contributions to the Department and to his beloved division, the Urban Search and Rescue Division. This is a small token from us, the PAU, to you Lucas. This memorial will hang proudly at Station Three forever and we will not forget the sacrifices you made. We love you Lucas, and we'll see you at the next big one. " - Casey Harper on behalf of the Public Affairs Unit
"Luke was more than a colleague, he was family. It’s hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember, from large-scale Ocean rescues to going out for a drink and talking about life. Luke always had my back. I will forever miss you brother, thank you for showing me that life is too short to dwell on the past. Rest easy now, your watch has ended. - Lifeguard Chief Rico Marshall
"Thank you for your service and being an awesome friend" - Public Affairs Member Rose Burton
"He came from lands that were so far away, yet touched us like a brother who time could not stay.
Morel, defender, rescuer, friend without bounds to man and to pup, my feet doth quake with the dirge which erupt.
Here with us once, now in Heaven to rest, sleep now, brave soldier, in Ares' caress.
Faithful companion, who mourns with us all, we tend to him now 'til ye do meet, away from the toil,
the ache, the guilt, the pain on this soil.

I wish I knew ye, Morel of Metz, gone from us all. Gone be your body, but never your soul. We'll never forget your warm, caring smile, for whose voice we would trek many a mile, through the dirt, and the mud, and the Devil's own scorn, to snatch from his reach the lives we ne'er knew.
For these halls are empty without your face, and the banks of my eyes erupt for your grace. And sometimes, when I hear a voice which multitude makes yours, I could weep for memories that erupt like old sores. Taken so soon, so many have wept; I promise through sadness and through cheer to never forget
you with each passing year, and forever to keep the ideals you held dear. For your absence is a wound in the walls of our home, and your passing the end to an angel's own tome.
Sleep now, brave soul, ne'er to fall, the Lord's to keep as a boon to us all.

I miss you, brother. I weep for those of us who knew you more. Rest easy now, hero." - EMT Amahle Mthembu
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