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By: Dom Pueblo.

Hello, (( I applied for the event, I passed all the approvals, I just need your approval, and your help )). The party will be held on: 01.12.2022 On December. I need your participation so that I don't have an emergency situation, and if it happens then there will be someone to take care of it, basically I hired a security company and everything needed to set up the party, I just need you to approve the existence of the party,
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Unfortunately we have not received any such requests prior to your message and given the very short notice we will not be able to facilitate any sort of medical presence at the event. If you would like to know more on how to host an event and what documents are required please have a look here.

For general event request you can use the form here, however we require a minimum of 72 hours notice in advance for approval of any document such as a fire safety certification (which is required for any sort of public event) and at least one week if LSFD presence is requested so that we can properly mobilize the staff and ensure attendance.

I hope this information proved useful and best of luck with your event.

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