[November 2022] - Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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Willard Clancy
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The Public Affairs Command has been working secretly behind the scenes on a new project for the entirety of the Fire Department. It's been something we've been extremely excited to reveal and this is the perfect place for it.

Introducing the Los Santos Fire Department Foundation or LSFD Foundation, the LSFD Foundation will be a one of a kind store, aimed at providing services to the LSFD. It's no secret that budget cuts and station wear and tear can impact us all, the LSFD Foundation is here to help put money back into the LSFD to keep stations in a good condition and won't require us to take things from our own pocket or our already small budget.

Our new store in West Vinewood will sell merchandise to the general public and LSFD staff, merchandise will come from all divisions whom wish to take part. All proceeds from the store will go towards the LSFD and provide any new items they request. If you want to see new items in the store, reach out to Director Casey Harper and we'll do our best to get it in stock!

The store will be ran by Public Affairs Command and we plan to open it in the coming weeks. We thank Fire Chief Leonardo Holman and Chief Claire Stuart for providing expertise knowledge in this. Finally, our new website has been purchased and will be under heavy development, visit lsfd.shop to find out more!

(( A thank you you goes out to our very own Chief Clonky, wait no, Willard Clancy for helping with the mapping, we can't wait to reveal it! Credits also go to Dexter Marshall for creating this awesome logo.

The aim of this project is to accurately portray a accurate and true LAFD with some cavities. Majority of our budget goes onto wages, a huge 96% of it, leaving a tiny portion of vehicles and maintenance. If you have any ideas for the store, please do reach out. It'll be a Unique Item Store so we can get pretty much anything in, as long as it's reasonable. )) Signed: Public Affairs Command

Welcome to the 53rd edition of the Los Santos Fire Department newsletter, this newsletter was created by Casey Harper, Emily Ohara, Jeremiah Maxwell, Martin Allen and Candela Robledo.

As we step into the final stretch of 2022 and with the festive holidays merely three weeks away, it's a good time to reflect on our journey this year and what we've accomplished. This month alone we've had a staggeringly high call volume compared to the calm and tranquillity of last month, such a shame, we were starting to enjoy the peace and quiet, anyway let's begin!

We'd first like to welcome the eleven new Probationary Firefighters and EMTs who will be joining us this month, a few of them need to go through the academy and we wish them the best of luck! Along with this, the Captain Training Program has recently opened, we'd like to welcome all the new Captains in Training and wish them the best of luck into the new stages of their careers.

Incidents this month, we have covered several high-profile incidents, our HAZMAT teams, County Lifeguards and Firefighters have all had their fair share of work this month dealing with toxic spills, an oil platform fire and a massive wildfire which impacted the area of Kortz Center prompting a vast multi-agency response to be enacted with the LSFD assuming Incident Command along with our colleagues at the Los Santos Police Department, Sheriffs, SANFIRE, SAAA, Park Rangers and City Government all getting involved. During this incident an evacuation order was issued for Playa Vista, Del Perro and Morningwood was placed on standby for local evacuations. Firefighters remained overnight at the wildfire site to monitor the incident.

In events news, our Training and Recruitment Division will be putting on a huge career fair on the 2nd of December with our partners at SANFIRE joining us. Our very own Tactical Emergency Medical Services and Paramedics are up for awards in December following a robbery attempt at Morningwood Bank. The LS County Sheriffs will be honouring our brave TEMS and Paramedic staff for their courageous actions. We extend our gratitude to the Tactical Emergency Medical Services team.

As we come to the end of the opening statement, I thank you all for reading! I try to make these as short and to the point as possible while highlighting all the stuff that has happened.

Note for December: Some parts of the Public Affairs Management team will be taking some kind of breaks over the Christmas holidays, office hours will be slightly different, please be patient with us!

(( As this'll be the final newsletter of 2022, I want to say thanks to everyone who's been reading them and giving feedback, it means a lot. Finally, I wish everyone truly happy holidays for all those that celebrate and to keep safe! ))
Casey Harper
Public Affairs Director
Public Affairs Unit
Dear staff,

First of all, we're extremely proud of the progress we've made together as a department this month. We've welcomed back many previous members of the department from their furloughs as well as welcomed in a fresh batch of probationary staff being trained to take over the reigns of some of our retired members. As our recruitment fair gets under way this week and we tie up the end of this drive, we're excited to see the continued growth of our department flourish. We thank everyone who has played a part in this month's success.

We have seen some tremendous challenges this month in terms of emergencies we've handled. From the expansive wildfire at Kortz Center to the recent extreme weather event last weekend which saw several trees uprooted. We've seen a great many challenges this month and we've dealt with each one in commendable expertise. We are extremely proud of the impact you are all making on your communities.

The future continues to look bright as we set our sights on the new year after this final month of December. A great many projects are underway which we look forward to see come into daily operations this coming December and January. As mentioned by our Public Affairs Director, we're excited to see the opening of our LSFD Foundation location in the new year, granting us a new meaningful way to support the Fire Department, cultivate relationships with the community and help encourage awareness and education on fire safety. Further to this, we are pleased to announce the partial opening of our Special Operation Training Facility. The project is still under construction and expected to be fully operational by January with plans for a second training facility for our regular operations to start construction some time in the first quarter of 2023. Of course this is just a taste of what we have coming in the new year, much more is on the way which will be released in upcoming communications.

I wish to end on the amazing work our Public Affairs team has done in recent weeks as well as the work to create this month's newsletter. Your hard work never goes unnoticed and is always appreciated. We thank you.

Willard Clancy
Assistant Chief
  • (( 0.0.0 All instances of Public Relations have been replaced with Public Affairs. All instances of Quint has been replaced with Truck. Updated Utility Tenders to Plug Buggy (PB) and updated various parts of the handbook to fix typographical and formatting errors.
  • 3.18 Fire Alarm Levels A new section has been added to cover Greater Fire Alarms and a Major Emergency Fire.
  • 2.5.2 Volunteers Overhaul Volunteers have been overhauled to reduce ABAS requirements, changed up division limits to T&R, Supply and Maintenance and Lifeguards.
  • 8.2 Radio Channels Operations Channel (OPS) have since changed to Tactical "TAC" Channels.

  • (( Hour with the Chief in December
    • Rod (Leonardo Holman) has announced An Hour with the Chief which'll happen in December. He's joined by various divisional leaders, head of Legal Faction Manangement and Continuity Management, mods and showcases will be revealed))
  • Awards page overhauled
    • With thanks to Dexter Marshall, the awards page has since seen a massive overhaul to include new awards and ribbons!
  • Volunteers overhaul
    • Our Volunteers (Primarily at FS1 and FS4) has seen a much needed overhaul to the way they work and function. ABAS levels have been significantly lowered to allow for members to remain in the faction for longer (It's now 0.05 from 0.5). More information can be found in the below memorandum
  • (( Discord Pager Bot additions
    • Thanks to Giga and Dexter Marshall, our trusty Pager bot has seen some tweaks and moficiations. Firstly, you can now page the County fire stations (FS1/FS4) for calls in rural areas of Los Santos County. Make sure to page for County resources if a call is ongoing in the County.
    • Giga has recently updated the Pager Bot to Forward to PHMC, this'll page PHMC Paramedics for us, simple and easy. Image))
  • (( New Vehicles
    • The Faction Modding Team has been working really hard behind the scenes on brand new things lately, as a result a project has since gone live on the server. Introducing the brand new marked Scouts, Victors and many more! The Supply and Maintenance team had some cool passive RP as a result. ))
  • Marine Operations Merger
    • After much discussion between Lifeguards and USAR command, it has been decided to merge both dive teams together and have one uniformed team called marine operations. The reason for this is due to the recurring issues of jurisdiction, training and so on.
    • So what does this mean going forward?
    • Marine operations will be under Lifeguards with the ability for Fire/EMS personnel to join the team. We will currently have eight slots for EMS/FIRE with three of these slots being taken by current USAR members who will be merged into the team. Lifeguard positions within the team will have no limit, given that the dive team is a large focus within the Lifeguard division and training itself.
  • Lifeguard Rescue Callsign
    • The Lifeguard Rescue callsign has recently been updated to Lifeguard Rescue - (LR-10) no matter if BLS or ALS staff are onboard.
  • (( New Discord Channel #department-calendar
    • Everyone with the @LSFD role can now create events in this channel. It'll be primarily used for LSFD events, small and large* and to gather interest for passive RP around Fire Stations or Lifeguard Towers. Everyone is welcome to use it. Note: For larger events that'll attract public attention or hosted on Public Property will need to be cleared through Public Affairs Command
  • Chain of Command
    • Make sure to (whenever possible) follow Chain of Command, this counts for both Company Officers and Divisional Command structure. Please try to start at the lowest (FC1 / EMS CPT 1) and then work your way up, don't go immediately to the Captain 2. The same can be said for Divisional Command, reach out to a supervisor then work your way up.
This month we recognize the following people for their advancement in the department, we offer our congratulations and wish them the best of luck in their newly assigned positions! .
Firefighter I to Firefighter II
Nicholas Spires
Lisa Xiang
Trainee Lifeguard to Lifeguard
Isaac Luxton
Andres Gonzalez
Kaida Omori
Civilian Staff (Tier I) to Civilian Staff (Tier II)
Candela Robledo (Public Affairs)
Aquiles Torres (Public Affairs)

Civilian Staff (Tier II) to Civilian Staff (Tier III)
Calvin Serrano (Public Affairs)

Civilian Staff (Tier III) to Administrator I
Bella Santiago (Training and Recruitment - Head of Recruitment)
. Image
Ellie Marshall
. Image
Elaine Carpenter
. Image
Isaac Luxton
. .
Tactical Emergency Medical Services ..
Not many have the strength or courage to do what the brave men and women of the Los Santos Fire Department who sign up for the Tactical Emergency Medical Services have. From the first moment they send their application in they are put to the test both mentally and physically, tasked to overcome extreme physical burdens as part of their tryouts all through their training to have a chance to finally be awarded a Green Team shoulder patch denoting they are the newest or "greenest" members of the team. To pass their "green" or probation period means that they have seen at least several active deployments thus earning them the Red Team patch, denoting their time and experience with the division.

Their first notable interventions were seen during the riots at the beginning of this year in Operation Challenger (January 2022) and Operation Guardian (February 2022) when they deployed alongside law enforcement, providing critical tactical care in the midst of chaos. Because of them many of the injured civilians attending the protest who were caught in the crossfire when things escalated into violent incidents, as well as law enforcement personnel injured in the ensuing chaos, were able to receive immediate medical care thus saving countless lives.

Tactical Emergency Medical Services teams are also deployed on a regular basis alongside the Police Special Weapons and Tactics teams or Sheriff's Special Enforcement Bureau to a wide array of incidents ranging from hostage situations, high risk arrest warrants, active shooter incidents or volatile situations which are more or less bound to change on the go. Because of that all Tactical Paramedics in their midst are prepared for every tactical situation and are able to adapt and overcome any obstacle needed in order to provide immediate care to those in need.

This is what makes the Tactical Emergency Medical Services one of the highest demanding jobs out there and yet, many candidates willingly apply and undergo all the training necessary in order to be able to help and provide care where necessary, even at the risk of their own safety.

Written by: Assistant Director, Emily Ohara
  • Recruitment for Urban Search and Rescue Divison is currently OPEN. (K9 - Limited slot)
    • The Urban Search and Rescue division is responsible for the handling of a wide range of Rescue Operations, including but not limited to Rope Rescues, Water Rescues, Confined Spaces Rescues, and Hazardous Materials Handling. With a staffing of 16 full-time specialists and 8 on-call specialists, the division also includes a dive operations-only team with 5 positions, for personnel focused on Water Rescues Operations.
  • Recruitment for Tactical Emergency Medical Services is currently OPEN. (Limited slots)
    • The Tactical Emergency Medical Services or TEMS, is a unit of specially trained and experienced paramedics ("tactical medics") whose purpose is to provide care in places where an active threat is present. Do you have what it takes?
  • Recruitment for Air Operations Division is currently OPEN.
    • The LSFD Air Operations Division is responsible for deploying air units to Search and Rescue missions, Fire & Rescue calls, and emergency medical incidents in order to minimize response time and the Fire Department's ability to rescue victims due in special circumstances. In order for a Firefighter to pilot and receive a Pilot's License, they must undergo training from an instructor or above. This division has set rules and requirements in order for a firefighter to apply and receive the proper training.
  • Recruitment for Fire Metro Dispatcher is currently OPEN.
    • Metropolitan Fire Communications, more commonly referred to as "MFC" or "Metro," is responsible for processing 911 and non-emergency fire department calls and subsequently dispatching LSFD resources. Current employees who meet the requirements are free to apply.
  • Recruitment for Training and Recruitment is currently OPEN.
    • The Training & Recruitment is the backbone of the Fire Department, and it is responsible for a variety of tasks such as recruiting, interviewing, and training new and seasoned employees. Current employees who meet the requirements are free to apply.
  • Recruitment for Public Affairs is currently OPEN. (Civilians)
    • The Public Affairs division for the Los Santos Fire Department is a crucial yet often understated part of any strongly functioning fire department. In modern times there are fire services across the country being privatized, and with other government agencies in action where we reside, we’re also at war for funding! It’s important to show our worth for these reasons, alongside recruitment efforts. Creating interest and educating the public are one of our greatest assets.
  • Recruitment for Supply and Maintenance Division is currently OPEN for both Mechanic and Technician.
    • The Los Santos Fire Department Supply and Maintenance Division serves the community and the department by rendering support regarding the upkeep of the city and departmental equipment. It is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the FD fire stations, vehicle fleet, equipment, and uniforms.
  • Recruitment for Lifeguards is currently OPEN.
    • The LSFD's Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of the citizens of Los Santos on and around the beaches - specifically targeting Del Perro and Vespucci. Through proactive monitoring, state-of-the-art training, and equipment, the Los Santos Fire Department can ensure that the beaches of Los Santos remain a safe and comfortable place for the community to enjoy.

Made with ❤️ by the Public Affairs Unit .
Image Patrycja Lipska - Badge #36849 - EMS Division Chief - Acting Battalion 2 Chief Fire Station Seven - El Burro
Retired Director of Training and Recruitment
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Rico Marshall
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Forever proud of being in this faction, great work from everyone. We managed to keep ourselves going when things were tough and have gotten through majority of the hard times. Here's to an awesome December to finish this year off.

Lifeguard Chief
Rico Marshall | BN#63803


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Aquiles Torres
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Congratulations everyone.
Administrator I Aquiles Torres
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Congratulations everyone.


Engineer/Paramedic Leonidas Voss

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Casey Harper
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Fantastic job all!
Administrator III Casey Harper
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Pretty newsletter... let's finish 2022 strong!
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So happy to finally be a part of this faction again. I've had such a fun experience roleplaying with y'all. Here's to many more memories to come!

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Loving everything so far. Glad I got to join this amazing faction!
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