Memorandum #74 - Operational Station Changes

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Memorandum #74 - Operational Station Changes

Post by Gary Young » 04 Dec 2021, 22:27


Dear Staff,

Following an assessment of our operational demand within the Los Santos County and the City limits, the decision has been made to make some changes to our operational stations in order to better utilize the staff we have currently on the road. Our goal is to build up the population within our two primary stations in Los Santos and those are Station 3 and Station 7, this is to allow people to gather at station and better promote station RP and build up the numbers.

At present we have a number of station in which people can be assigned to, as of this memorandum people will only be assigned to a station other than 3 or 7 under permitted circumstances. Please find below the changes as detailed: -

  • STATION 1 - Status: Full-time/Voluntary - Station 1 will remain full-time and voluntary, full-time staff will only be permitted to have station 1 as their primary station if they live locally. Locality is deemed anywhere in Paleto Bay, Grapeseed & Sandy Shores. Staff that live within the limits of Los Santos City will be assigned to either station 3 or 7.

    STATION 2 - Status: Non-operational - Station 2 will continue to remain as an unmanned station. Staff that are based at the LSFD Headquarters (Training and Recruitment included) will be permitted to utilize station 2's vehicles if they hold the relevant qualifications to do so and need to respond to an incident.

    STATION 3 - Status: Unchanged - Station 3 will remain a full-time station with normal day to day operations.

    STATION 4 - Status: Unchanged - Station 4 will remain as a voluntary station.

    STATION 6 - Status: Restricted Staffing - Station 6 will be restricted to Air Operations Division staff as well as Training and Recruitment staff.

    STATION 7 - Status: Unchanged - Station 7 will remain a full-time station with normal day to day operations.

If there are questions or concerns please approach one of the command team.

((This decision has been made to encourage the development of station RP as well as team building between all members of the faction, being more focused in groups at specific stations we hope will aid the growth of character development as well as operation performance.))


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