#001 - Kristy Hough

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#001 - Kristy Hough

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Distinguished File - #001
Fire Captain Kristy Hough
| I. Biography |Image
Kristy was born into a middle-class household in Cambridge, England. Her father is a lawyer and her mother worked as a Personal trainer. When Kristy graduated from college at the age of 18, her parents decided to move to America after her father had been offered a job at a Lawyer firm in New York. In Late 2018 she decided to move out of her parents home and move to Los Santos.

Kristy is an active person and is usually out doing something such as swimming, going to the gym, or cycling. She got her first job in America as a lifeguard in a local Leisure centre and remained there for a few years before resigning after she moved to Los Santos. She hasn't had an official job since arriving, only managing to get money through various odd-jobs here and there, helping people move house, decorating or gardening for them.

Kristy's passion for helping people eventually led her to joining the Los Santos Fire Department to save lives. At that moment, the Kristy we all know and love was born.
| II. Certifications & Awards |Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
| III. Divisional Certifications | Image Image Image Image
| IV. Accomplishments |Image
  • Achieved the rank of Fire Captain on September 14th, 2019.
  • Overhauling the Training & Recruitment division, making it what it is today.
  • Significant contributions to the administrative divisions as a whole.
| V. OOC Section | Time of Service: March 8th, 2019 - November 3rd, 2019 Image Image