The Distinguished Status

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The Distinguished Status

Post by Andy Lionheart » 01 Mar 2020, 21:09

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Los Santos Fire Department Distinguished Status
There have been many faces who have came and gone from the Los Santos Fire Department. Every once in a while, however, we have the honor of welcoming one of a kind people. These people are those who enlisted into the fire department and made significant contributions, allowing the department to progress and flourish in ways that wouldn't have been possible without their help.

The Los Santos Fire Department wants to recognize these special members who have made their mark in the department by granting them our newly introduced "Distinguished" status. This status includes their very own custom badge with their own section within our website. They will have their information and contributions displayed for the public to view, making their hard work not go unnoticed. Those who have progressed through their career and into the High Command Team will be granted Distinguished Status by default to commemorate their achievements and dedication to the department, and all other cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Fire Chief Issac Hunter,