#002 Frank Osborne

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#002 Frank Osborne

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Distinguished File - #002
Fire Chief Frank Osborne
| I. Biography |Image
Frank was born in 1989 in Washington DC.
He was born to middle-class parents, his father John was a police officer and his mom Julia was a receptionist in a law firm in the DC.
All his life Frank was taught by his parents to love his country and to always stay out of trouble.
At the age of 18 when all of his friends went to colleges all around the country, Frank decided to join the military and server his country like his father been doing his whole life.
After a year of training and getting into shape, Frank forwarded his candidateship to the US army.
During boot camp, Frank been at the top of his class and was given chances to join a couple of the most elite units in the US army.

Frank decided to join the US ranges, one of the most elite units in the US army infantry cores.
Frank was being pushed through hard and almost unpassable trainings and challenges so he could prove himself worthy of the unit and capable of going through all the hard work members of this units are going through.
in 2009, after harsh 2 years of constant trainings, Frank was inducted into the unit along with 10 more soldiers, 11 out of 150 candidates to the unit.
In 2017 Frank was honourably discharged from the US army after being injured in a parachute training, causing him to break both of his legs.
After a year of recovery, in 2018 Frank decided to move to Los Santos in order to continue his civilian life after being discharged from the army.
Until now, Frank was looking for a steady workplace within Los Santos and decided to apply to the Los Santos Fire Department.

((Will edit to be more current))
| II. Certifications & Awards |Image
Image Image Image Image Image
| III. Divisional Certifications | Image Image Image Image
| IV. Accomplishments |Image
  • Achieved the rank of Fire Chief on July 13th, 2019
  • Overhauling many aspects of the department, making them more streamlined
  • Significant contributions to the Fire Marshals division
  • Increased structure to the department by introducing many policies
| V. OOC Section | Time of Service: August 11th, 2018 - Present Image Image Image Image