#003 - Chloe Jackson Mackenzie

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#003 - Chloe Jackson Mackenzie

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Distinguished File - #003
Deputy Chief Chloe Jackson Mackenzie
| I. Biography |Image
Chloe Jackson MacKenzie was born at Schottler Medical Center and grew up in the Rotterdam Hill and Dillon St area of Broker, Liberty City.
Having grown up on Dillon St opposite the Dillon St Fire House (Broker Fire Dept building in GTA IV) in the 1990s she regularly saw FDLC members running to their apparatus, shooting out of the bay doors with sirens sounding and lights flashing, running into burning buildings and saving lives - she was inspired.
As a kid, her and her family regularly visited the fire house and got to know the members extremely well.
Learning about the apparatus, equipment and procedures of the department. Her goal from a young child was to be a firefighter.

She was constantly active and as she grew older she would go around the entire city visiting fire houses to learn more about each company, taking photographs and videos to document her interest. She'd also listen to the scanner and show up at fire department incidents. If she arrived at an incident when the first due companies were arriving, she'd help roll the hoses, evacuate people from the area and anything else the fire companies needed help with. Her main hobby was and always has been fire buffing.
Her other hobbies, interests and activities include: Travelling, photography, videography, basketball, running, vehicles, machines, walking, cycling, climbing, exploring and adventures with friends.

Age 16 she graduated from high school and went to study Public Services at Vespucci University and graduated age 19 in 2010.
Before she was allowed to join the FDLC, she spent the next two years working and gaining experience at a Burger King in Broker.
Aged 21 in 2012, she joined the FDLC as a trainee firefighter, after passing the application process.
She spent 18 weeks (4 months) training to become a firefighter at the Probationary Firefighter School and passed in December 2012 after para-military style training and tests. January 2013 she graduated from the Probationary Firefighter School and became a Probationary Firefighter, joining Engine Company 23 in Star Junction (Midtown). Due to the busy nature of the area, she learned to deal with a variety of incidents from minor medicals to high rise structure fires (10-76s/77s) and many more in the city that never sleeps.

Aged 23 she passed her probationary period early in 2014 and became a full Firefighter. Not long afterwards she became Engine 23's chauffeur (engineer) and learned to drive and operate the mechanics of her apparatus at the Chauffeur Training School (CTS).
A few months later her parents retired from Liberty City to Pacific Bluffs, San Andreas leaving the family home to her.

Over the next few years she settled nicely into the firefighters life, learning a lot of team work and hands on skills. Additionally she bought herself an ex-FDLC Battalion Chief 17's 1979 Rancher XL, which as a car is her pride and joy and still holds a lot of the original features (minus emergency setup.)

Unfortunately in May 2018, her father died at home in Pacific Bluffs. Because of this her mother, an elderly lady, was on her own.
Primarily this, along with the cost of living in Liberty City, she was persuaded to move to San Andreas. Despite knowing they will miss her deeply, her fire house understood and supported her decision.

Chloe moved to San Andreas on Wednesday 20th June 2018 after a several days drive from Liberty City in her Rancher XL. She applied to the Los Santos Fire Department and the rest is history.
| II. Certifications & Awards |Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
| III. Divisional Certifications | Image Image
| IV. Accomplishments |Image
  • Achieved the rank of Deputy Chief on September 30th, 2019
  • Major contributions to many of the manuals found in the department
  • Implementation of the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
  • Highly regarded for their immense firefighting knowledge. Used said knowledge to help train many of the firefighters who still serve today.
| V. OOC Section | Time of Service: July 2nd, 2018 - November 13th, 2019 Image Image Image Image