[JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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[JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Randy Sikes » 02 Aug 2020, 21:35


Welcome to the twenty-fifth newsletter!

We're officially a quarter of the way to our one-hundred newsletter milestone! This month has had it's ups and downs in the department, with the start of the month seeing the Los Santos Riots break out, moving later to some great events and the opening of a new fire station! There's been a lot of exciting things going on in the department lately, with the downs of the start of the month, things were quickly turned around and we hope to keep pushing that further in progressing and expanding the department.

In sparking controversy of a deputy using racial slurs to a group of citizens, riots broke out in Los Santos with many protesters acting against all aspects of the government in the interest of ending racism within governmental agencies, the department's Fire Station Three was attacked and firefighters were put in a lot of danger with some seeing injury as many various scenes stressed the department to it's limits.

The department issued a press release regarding the situation and published their stance on the issues raised by the public, in effect standing with them against racism but stressing that peaceful protest is the way to go about change, after roughly a week, the nightly protests had eventually died down to a halt in which the areas previously declared as red zones where firefighters couldn't head in to without armed escort, were officially released from their red zone status.

You can read more regarding the riots in our press release.

In stark contrast to the previous article in which Station Three was stormed by protesters, after inspection and repair from the structural support beam damage caused by a spread of the fire on Engine-33, and the water damage adhered from the sprinkler system which was activated, the station was eventually reopened. In celebration of the station's re-opening, an open house was held inviting the public to come visit the station, the department really likes to bind itself strongly with it's local communities.

The open house featured many attractions all with the intention of educating the public and sparking interest in starting a career with the department, first of which was a rundown of the fleet housed at the station performed by Engineer Holland, which was then followed by a garbage fire demonstration performed by Captain Lannon and Firefighter Young, this then progressed in to an extrication demonstration on a dummy vehicle performed by Engineer Porter.

After the main attractions were concluded, attendees were given an interior tour and refreshments were provided as Captain Steele gave visitors a run-down on the main division that is stationed out of Three, the Urban Search & Rescue division, from there visitors were invited to hang around further as our various stations are usually open to the public as at the end of the day, the stations belong to the communities they're seated in!

The department would like to give a special thanks to all of those who attended as well as a thank you to the Los Santos News Network for covering and attending the event and the firefighters who put on a very educational show for all. The event was a huge success!

After many months of construction and planning, Station Two has been fully constructed and furnished to now serve as the main headquarters for the department, it's location in the prestigious Rockford Hills area right around the corner from the Los Santos Police Department's Rockford Hills station is absolutely perfect for the political side to the department given it's short range to City Hall, this allows government officials and more who work in similar sectors who need to discuss things with the department to do so with ease.

The station houses the main admin divisions being Public Relations as well as Training & Recruitment, among also housing offices for the Deputy Chief(s), the Assistant Chief and the Fire Chief. Training & Recruitment as well as Public Relations both have a desk area for working in while Training & Recruitment also features an interview room for applicants, with Public Relations having a studio room for green-screen photography and equipment storage. Other included areas would include the Captain Training Program office, Internal Affairs and a briefing room.

In recent weeks there have been multiple shark spottings as well as attacks around Vespucci Beach and the coastal stretch of Chumash. With this being said, the Los Santos County Lifeguard stresses the importance of not going out too far and staying within safe swimming zones, typically you are safe on well-equipped boats in the deep sea however it's important not to dip in to the water for your own safety without measures being put in place to prevent an attack.

Lifeguards use a system called funneling which ushers fish schools in to deeper waters to steer dangerous aquatic life away from the beaches, this allows the immediate coastline to be safe from said sharks and in doing so the immediate coastline is not as of current deemed to be unsafe water. Please also avoid taking jet-skis in to the deep sea given the large waves that can easily knock you off your vehicle, as well as your exposure to sharks on a jetski!

The Public Relations division rode along with the department's top-tier Air Operations Division over the course of this month, this article is about what we learned. The division has a fleet consisting of three helicopters; these aircraft are staffed 24/7 by a crew of pilots and aero-medical members. The tasks of the division are compiled mainly of brush fire suppression, swift medical evacuations, high-rise fire response, hoist missions as well as assisting in search and rescue missions with the Urban Search & Rescue division.

The picture seen above this article is one of the department's two medium-sized aircraft, which is a purpose-built aircraft based on the Buckingham Maverick given the call-sign 'Copter-2'. With its five main bladed rotors combined with its Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6C-67C turbines, they deliver smooth high cruising speeds through all weather and weight conditions. Pilots can utilize built-in night vision cameras to help ground units navigate the terrain, enhancing safety conditions while on scenes.

The ranking structure of the division consists of it's commanding members, being the commanding and assistant commanding officers, then there's also supervisory pilots; and lastly regular members of which are senior pilots, junior pilots and trainee pilots. All of the various ranks consist of varying abilities and permissions in fleet usage and divisional training.

The division operates out of Station Six located at the Los Santos International Airport for it's incredible versatility for such a division in which aircraft need to be able to rapidly take off and retreat back with optimal air traffic control communication, the location is also optimal for the trained staff to handle any aircraft-related emergencies from commercial and cargo flights in and out of the airport ensuring swift medical and fire response in the event of failed landings, take-offs or other mechanical failures.

Overall this was a thrilling and fun experience for Public Relations to work with the Air Operations division in informing the public of what they do on a day to day basis. Please note that for those of you who haven't yet joined the department, you can work your way up to having a full pilots license and assisting with some of the duties mentioned above completely free of charge, all while earning on the job!

The Los Santos Fire Department is made up of a dedicated team of employees who serve Los Santos and surrounding areas with courage, integrity and pride every day of their lives. Over the next couple of weeks you'll be able to learn a bit more about the individuals that give it their all to keep you safe and well.

This week, Public Relations sat down with Station Seven's Firefighter II, Jonathan Fjellhol. Jonathan gives some insight into his motivation for joining the department, what it's like to be a firefighter; and some advice for those wanting to establish a career in the field.
Interview Transcript

What made you want to be a Firefighter and join the Los Santos Fire Department?
"Well... I used to study medically back in my home country, nursing and care-taking, but when I came here, I tried to put that behind me a bit. It wasn't before a close friend of mine convinced me to join the department after an incident with a gentleman, right outside the shop I worked at. I tried it out, to impress her basically, and I just... loved it afterwards. Didn't turn back."

What motivates you in your job role or in the department in general?
"Heh, good question... I'm a workaholic, been that way for many years, so for me to keep that satisfaction, I just... work. I love helping people out, as well - so that's my main motivation."

How do you deal with the day-today stress of the job, being a Firefighter?
"Coping with the stress from the work is a hard task to do.

Right now, I have a beautiful fiancée and a lovely daughter who is waiting for me at home everyday. Something I have never experienced before. My two girls calm my mind, keeps me sane. So every traumatic moment, is kinda swept away when I can hold them in my arms.

But... before I met my fiancée... things were different. I was an alcoholic and drank an unhealthy amount of alcohol daily.

I've tried therapy, talking to friends, colleagues and all that, but they can't listen to you forever. Alcohol was always there, so it was was my go-to choice, self-treatment, I guess? It wasn't the best choice, but at least it kept me going. After finding my fiancée, things changed, I stopped drinking regularly, became much more happier and my work started to improve. She is ultimately my main form of motivation to become better.

At the end of the day, we are saving lives. The stress from not being able to or just being unsure, will surely affect you at some point, then you need to realize all the positives in the job! You got friends for life, a new family, people who take care of you and even appreciating patients. Those things really help to take away the stress, you just need to have the right perspective, and when you do? You will succeed.

Whats your favourite part of working for the Los Santos Fire Department?
"Just the whole experience to help people? See that their day brightens up as you arrive, our main goal is to help those in need and be someone that people can call if they are hurt or injured. It always, ALWAYS, pays off when they say thank you or when they smile when you arrive. That's the best part of being in the Los Santos Fire Department, The people you help."

Whats any advice you'd give to someone who wants to join the Los Santos Fire Department?
"I think if you are joining the Department, it's important to be sure that this is something you want to do, it's a hard job. Many people struggle with the mental part and physicality of the job for that matter.

Just be prepared for anything and also, be kind - smile and be happy.
Every month we feature a division in which the division's leader can make a statement on exciting upcoming things and accomplishments.
Engineer Anna Degtyarev:
"I've very recently been assigned as the new CO of the Air Operations Division, along with Thomas Versace as Assistant CO. I aim to continue our Air operations as fluidly and as effectively as we've been operating previously, and to continue to provide the support and services we so frequently do.

I don't plan to make any major changes in the structure or protocols in place with AOD, as they've had more than their fair share lately. I will however be placing an emphasis on more frequent training sessions for our already certified pilots, as well as more cross-division training with USAR, the lifeguards, and the Fire Marshals; the latter of which I'd like to work with to identify any likely sites for brush fires during our summer months, and have existing plans in place for tackling fires in those areas with both aerial attacks and the deployment of ground crews.

I'd like to remind everyone that AOD recruitment remains open and that our training is one of a kind, with the opportunity to qualify as a full rotor-craft license holder for civil aviation, please do apply!

Every month a member of the lifeguard's command team will be able to speak on behalf of their division informing everyone in the newsletter what the lifeguards have been up to and where they're headed. See below for what they had to say!
Lifeguard Captain Rory Amber:
"This month, the Los Santos County Lifeguards have been working on stability and expansion of the division. Towards the start of the month, several divisional ranks have been changed to become more in line with the wider vision of the Los Santos Fire Department.

With this, the Lifeguard Command Team have sought additional training to ensure continuous professional development within the division. Lifeguard Captains and the Lifeguard Chief (previously Beach Captains and Head Lifeguard) are now trained to perform Advanced Life Support (ALS), and an ALS kit has been provided for use in Lifeguard Tower One should paramedics be delayed or otherwise unable to attend a scene. The aim of this training is not to reduce the need for ambulances or other medical personnel to attend, but to help improve the confidence of the Lifeguard team and allow the Lifeguard Captains to make better, more informed decisions about resourcing and requests for assistance.

Furthermore, the division is opening up points of responsibility within its ranks - whilst not necessarily a promotion, these points of responsibility allow fully qualified, full-time Lifeguards to also focus their efforts on a topic or area that interests them. Last month we trialled a liaison with Support Services with the introduction of a Fleet Manager, which has been handled by one of our Lifeguards, John Weltmann. John has done a fantastic role in-post for the past month, including working with Support Services Division to equip all Lifeguard vehicles with off road tires for better traction and handling on the sand. With the upsurge in beach related businesses (e.g. Vespucci One Rentals), the team are also looking into the addition of an events manager or business liaison who will be responsible for communicating and co-ordinating with these businesses.

Finally, the team will be expanding its three zones to four - with the introduction of a second overflow zone; zone D. Zone D will cover the Pacific Bluffs Country Club south of Chumash as well as its beach. Full time lifeguards may be posted to this overflow zone which will allow them to attend to and support scheduled events at the country club.

Here is a draft of the jurisdiction. This is still a work in progress and may change as more information about the country club is made available to us.


Throughout each month, various awards are issued to show accomplishments and certifications that have been accumulated through hard work and dedication, find below the awards that were issued this month!
[+] Firefighter Awards
Firefighter Awards

This award is obtainable by being voted as the Firefighter of the Month in monthly Supervisory discussions. This month we congratulate the following person:

Firefighter I Gary Young


In contrast to Firefighter of the Month, this award is given in recognition of outstanding performance shown during Firefighter Probation. This month we congratulate the following person:

Probationary Firefighter Jess Williams


This award is given to those who have successfully served the Los Santos Fire Department for three consecutive months. This month we congratulate the following people:

Firefighter III Aloona Haruna


Awarded to those who have successfully served the Los Santos Fire Department for six consecutive months. This month we congratulate the following people:

Captain I Archie Lannon
Engineer Taylor Porter


Awarded to those who have successfully passed the State mandated Basic Life Support course and gained the EMT-B license. This month we congratulate the following people:

Probationary Firefighter Angel Kaye
Probationary Firefighter Arwen Conway
Probationary Firefighter Catherine White
Probationary Firefighter Gabriella Clark
Probationary Firefighter Herschel Thoms
Probationary Firefighter Idalia Savelli
Probationary Firefighter Jess Williams
Probationary Firefighter Kent Kirby
Probationary Firefighter Marcus Freeman
Probationary Firefighter Michael Wilber
Probationary Firefighter Olivia Blaese
Probationary Firefighter Olivia Reed
Probationary Firefighter Patrycja Lipska
Probationary Firefighter Sara Page


Awarded to those who have successfully completed Paramedic training provided by the Training & Recruitment division. This month we congratulate the following people:

Firefighter II Jennifer Wilson
Firefighter II Thomas Versace


Awarded to those who have successfully completed the Class A Emergency Vehicle Operator Course. This month we congratulate the following people:

Firefighter II Jennifer Wilson
Firefighter II Jonathan Fjellhol
Firefighter I Arnold Angel
Firefighter I Elaina Evelyn
Firefighter I Elena Estrada
Firefighter I Gary Young
Firefighter I Rosalie Daniels


Awarded to those who have successfully completed the Class B Emergency Vehicle Operator Course. This month we congratulate the following people:

Probationary Firefighter Angel Kaye
Probationary Firefighter Arwen Conway
Probationary Firefighter Catherine White
Probationary Firefighter Gabriella Clark
Probationary Firefighter Jess Williams
Probationary Firefighter Marcus Freeman
Probationary Firefighter Michael Wilber
Probationary Firefighter Patrycja Lipska
Probationary Firefighter Sara Page
[+] Lifeguard Awards
Lifeguard Awards

This award is obtainable by being voted as the Lifeguard of the Month in monthly Lifeguard supervisory discussions. This month we congratulate the following person:

Lifeguard Jessica Wilson


In contrast to Lifeguard of the Month, this award is given in recognition of outstanding performance shown from a trainee Lifeguard. This month we congratulate the following person:

Trainee Lifeguard Jackson Martinez


Given upon successful completion of the Jetski / Seashark course. This month we congratulate the following people:

Trainee Lifeguard Jackson Martinez
Trainee Lifeguard Lilith Seong
Trainee Lifeguard Grant Ryan
Lifeguard John Weltmann

To the end of every month, members who are due a promotion are discussed by all Supervisory members of the Los Santos Fire Department. Members who have shown dedication, enthusiasm, maturity and have completed the requirements of their rank, are recommended for promotion before Chiefs of the department make the final decision. Below are the members who have successfully received promotions!
[+] Firefighter Promotions

⠀Probationary Firefighter to Firefighter I
  • Angel Kaye
  • Rebecca Spencer
  • Gabriela Clark
  • Jess Williams

⠀Firefighter I to Firefighter II
  • Arnold Angel
  • Gary Young
  • Elena Estada
  • Rosalie Daniels
  • Elaina Evelyn

⠀Firefighter II to Firefighter III
  • Jennifer Wilson
  • Jonathan Fjellhol

⠀Captain I to Captain II
  • Archie Lannon
[+] Lifeguard Promotions

⠀Trainee Lifeguard to Lifeguard
  • Grant Ryan
  • Lilith Seong
  • Jackson Martinez
[+] Fire Marshal Promotions

⠀Fire Marshal to Senior Fire Marshal
  • Luke Becker

⠀Senior Fire Marshal to Deputy Chief Fire Marshal
  • Gail Ferguson

Below is listed our current number of members at each rank in the Los Santos Fire Department.

⠀Chief Officers:
  • Fire Chief: 1
  • Assistant Chiefs: 0
  • Deputy Chiefs: 0
  • Battalion Chiefs: 3

⠀Company Officers:
  • Captain II: 3
  • Captain I: 2

⠀Non-Commissioned Staff:
  • Engineers: 4
  • Firefighter III: 6
  • Firefighter II: 7
  • Firefighter I: 5
  • Probationary Firefighters: 11
  • Voluntary Firefighters: 2
  • Civilian Staff: 7

  • Chief Lifeguard: 1
  • Lifeguard Captains: 3
  • Lifeguards: 5
  • Lifeguard Trainees: 1

⠀Fire Marshals:
  • Chief Fire Marshal: 1
  • Deputy Chief Fire Marshals: 1
  • Senior Fire Marshals: 2
  • Fire Marshals: 1
  • Probationary Fire Marshals: 0

⠀Total members: 66

Every month the chief leaves his own statement at the end of every newsletter taking an overlook of the department from his perspective, below you can find what he had to say this month.
Fire Chief Randy Sikes:
"Good afternoon, everybody.

It has been a busy first month as your chief. First off, congratulations to everyone who received an award or promotion. You all have worked really hard it!

I've got a couple of big announcements for the department that you will all see happen this month.

First off, we are expanding the volunteer operations section of the department. Station 1 in Paleto Bay, and Station 4 in Sandy Shores will both be opening. They will be the primary stations for our volunteer staff. The volunteer section will include rank progression with its own captains and a battalion chief. Additional vehicles are being purchased as well. Further details will be announced soon.

Secondly, I will be announcing a big update to the handbook that includes a reworked rules and regulations as well as minor updates throughout the rest. Every member should reread the entire handbook when it is released to ensure they are up-to-date on the new regulations.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank everybody for their hard work and dedication. This department doesn't run without the hard work and sweat from all of you who do the job day in and day out. And remember, we're all one team. Keep it up, everybody!
Created by the Public Relations Division. Thanks for reading!

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Re: [JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Kurt Holland » 02 Aug 2020, 21:41

Congratulations, everyone. And of course, thanks to PR for a job well done. :)

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Re: [JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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Congratulations everyone!!!!
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Re: [JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

Post by Gary Young » 02 Aug 2020, 21:51

Congratulations to all! From me a grateful thanks for the promotion and award presented.

Will done once again PR and all involved for the hard work.

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Re: [JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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Fantastic as always PR!

Great job to everyone involved - you're the reason this faction keeps trucking on!

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Re: [JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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Congrats everyone! great job PR!
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Re: [JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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Congratulations to all!

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Re: [JUL 2020] Monthly Bulletin Newsletter

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A good read as always, good job PR.
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